Is there a formula for an always clean office space?

Is there a formula for an always clean office spaceHorrible deadlines, impossible to be done tasks, pressure due to your manager’s requirements for a better work and all that tiredness are factors that make you forget about the office hygiene. In fact, not every working space is dirty, grimy and full of dust due to its owner’s neglected attitude to cleanliness. On the contrary – we all want to work in a neat, fresh and nice place – but not all of us can afford this luxury social state. Though, there is a way for you, fellows, too! All you need to do is find out the formula for an always clean office space. Before reading it, let us warn you – it is not one single action that will guarantee you an eternal office convenience, but a complex of simple tasks you can easily perform daily or weekly:

  • Reduce the chaos on your desk by having a simple organiser. Whether it is a modern electronic device with awesome reminding options, or an ordinary notebook, it will do great job. Thus, you will eliminate that pieces of sheet to write down your appointments or agenda tasks.

  • If it is possible, gather all the electronic office gadgets at one place. Usually, the attract dust very easily. If they are at one place, you will stop the spreading of the dust along the room. Besides, when they are at one place, you can sanitise them in a quicker way!

  • Have that extra efficient universal cleaning product you apply during your domestic regular cleaning routine. Place it somewhere at hand to avoid losing time in removing stains, while you are in the middle of something more important.

  • If your boss is scrooge enough to leave you with no drawers and not enough cabinets, invent your own storage solutions. Use bins, cardboard boxes and shoe boxes. Decorate them and file your papers there.

  • Devote 30 minutes per week for a deeper office cleaning. Half an hour off the working time will not kill you. You may do it in a less busy day, when you are free.

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