Invite the nature indoors

Invite the nature indoorsNature is our home. No matter with how thick walls we surround ourselves, we are always drawn toward outdoor spaces, forests, fields, seaside and so on. Even if you like industrial or urban design, probably a part of you wants to keep in touch with the wild, untamed part of your being. There is always a way to incorporate natural element in your domestic surrounding.

  1. Outdoors. Many architects use natural materials, combined with different plants to reduce the energy consumptions of the buildings. The layers of greenery or ground are used as an insulation from the forces of the environment. In the same time greenery purify the air in the  area.

  2. Plants. When you mention nature, they are the first association. If you are not a gardening fan, choose plants that are suitable with your way of life. If you travel a lot – cactuses. If you like lower temperatures – plants from the cooler parts of the world. Don’t turn to artificial replacements, they won’t give you the same feeling, no matter the look. Plants are living creatures. Think of them and if you need alterations in the house cleaning London, for example, make the necessary changes.

  3. Furniture. Natural materials like stone, marble and unpainted wood have their own vibe. People who work with these materials often are more relaxed and happier than the rest of us. The old craftsmen have ways to “feel” their materials. From the legendary violin makers to the handicraftsmen today – they all listen to the voice of nature. When you choose the furniture for your home try to feel them, hear your inner self and check what will appeal to you. Don’t bother that your decorator may think differently. You are going to live in your home, it should be comfortable to you in first place.

  4. Alternative accessories. If you live close to beach, forest or park, it is easiest to find exquisite nature samples to arrange in groups or to use them separately for decoration. Collect colorful leaves, take a piece of coarse cloth and make “a picture” from what you have. You can use pins, glue, or you can sew them to the base. The simplest way is to gather a bouquet of leaves and place it in a jar – simple and natural.

  5. Green carpets. Some companies have made it their goal to use less chemicals and more ecological materials to help us save our planet. Bathmat from moss is one of the newest editions to the eco-carpets. It doesn’t require the usual carpet cleaning services London, but you shouldn’t forget to water it regularly when you  towel off.

Home in harmony with nature is the best place to live.

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