In case you have a delicate carpet, get ready for a perfect treatment

Delicate carpet cleaningAdding a luxurious and wonderful rug to the interior design of any room at home is a great, original and stylish idea for decoration, renovating or refreshment. However, when you choose such a refined item for your home place, you need to know that the high price is not its only disadvantage.

Most of tender carpets require some tender approach, too. There are several types of rugs – oriental, hand-knotted, cashmere, decorative and many others – that should be really attentively maintained and sanitised. So, in case you have a delicate carpet, get ready for a perfect treatment, if you want a super and awesome home overall look:

  • Avoid beating them. You may like the idea of this old-fashioned method for carpet refreshment, but it is definitely not suitable for tiny and delicate materials.

  • Careful vacuuming. When you hoover the carpet along with the floor and the upholstery, make sure you will not damage the fringe and the tassels. It is a very common practice for consumers to ruin their brand new delicate carpet with its first vacuuming! Do not use higher power feature and never hurry in your procedure – go slowly and attentively!

  • Carpet shampoos are really great products, if you want a delicate disinfection and a nice freshening up. Though, some of them are not good enough in deep sanitising and they leave only the upper level of the rug brilliant and smooth. On the contrary, other shampoos are too harsh and they may cause some serious damages. Always read the labels of the products you purchase!

  • Professional cleaning services – if you think that you can go without them, forget about delicate and expensive carpets. You can finely restore the hygiene of an ordinary rug with homemade solutions, but special carpets need special techniques and equipment!

  • The regularity of washing is another important topic to discuss, when it comes to refine carpets. Too much humidity, for example, may ruin these items. Try not to consider the maintenance of your dear carpet as something ordinary from your regular domestic sanitising. It is better to wash it rarely, but deeply!

  • Accidental stains – such things happen and they can happen to delicate rugs, too. What you need to know about this specific carpet cleaning procedure is that any material absorbs the spot immediately – so be fast and act fast! On the other side, the best way to guarantee the successful developments of the task, use natural cleansers – white vinegar, citruses and salt!

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