If your kid is a left-handed person

If your kid is a left-handed personYou have cute and clever child. It grows and changes every day. At some point, however, you understand that it is different from others … because it is a lefty. For many parents, this feature is a kind of punishment. And is it indeed so? Why for some people the left hand dominates? How to help your child to fully adapt to our right-handed world.

  • We’ll start with one fact – left-handed people around the world are becoming more and more. And it is mostly the result of the fact that nowadays nobody combats leftism and nobody tries to “fix” it.

  • But what caused this feature? It is neither a fad, nor a habit, and originates from the structure of the human brain. As we know, it consists of two hemispheres, each of which performs a specific function. The right one controls the left side of our body, and the left – respectively right side. But these two parts of the brain are not equal. People who have left hemisphere dominating serve better with the right hand and back. For instance, you can see both right-handed and left-handed office cleaners.

  • The left hemisphere processes information sequentially, considering possible options for action, in other words – logically. Thanks to its work, we use speech, we handle abstract concepts, we are able to analyze the world around us.

  • The right hemisphere processes information fully and immediately, building on the emotional response, visually – spatial cues and intonation. In other words, its strength is intuition. Intuition helps even in domestic cleaning.

  • How to determine which is the dominant hand and when? In some cases the lefty is apparent at 2-3 months of age, in other he forms at 4-5 years of age. So often you can see a small child to take items firstly with one, then with the other hand. Such a situation means that the dominant hemisphere is not yet established and you have to do nothing else but to wait. Until the preschool, however, you must be aware of the orientation of your child, because this is an important moment for the development.

What about your kid? Is it a left-handed person and do you agree with that?

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