How to “transform” your old jeans

Old jeans transformationJeans usually last long and when they are still in good condition, they suddenly break up. Most of the fabric, however, is useful. Do you have to throw away the jeans?

Definitely not. If you already have some pairs of old and seemingly useless jeans, don’t worry! You can give them a second chance for life. Here are some ideas on how to “transform” them:

  • Pockets – that does not require any great effort: it is enough to remove the pockets of the jeans and sew them to the chosen surface. So you can make a convenient organiser for combs and brushes in the hallway or pencils and pens – in the kids’ room;

  • Carpet – cut the jeans into small square pieces and sew them one to another on an old blanket. So you will get a kind of original carpet for the children’s room. And the inevitable carpet maintenance will be extremely easy for you – you can simply wash it in the washing machine;

  • Cover, pillowcase, curtains – jeans fabric is very comfortable – it’s easy for cleaning, more durable than many other materials. So if you use your old jeans to make pillowcases for the pillows on the sofa, you will have a certain benefit. Add to them a new tablecloth for the dinner table or thick curtains – it will give a different appearance of the room. A little change is never bad, isn’t it?;

  • Bag or backpack, and why not a shopping bag? Just give some freedom to your fantasy. Make it in accordance with your taste. You will get a wonderful new accessory;

  • Jewel or a frame – when you have more free time, you can cut or shred the jeans into thin strips. The next stage is more entertaining: roll up denim strips of rings with different blue shades and sizes. Then sew the free end in order not to crumble. Take a piece of cardboard or thin wood board and lay out with denim rollers framework. So you can put a picture or a children’s drawing there. With the rest of the rollers make interesting necklace as you sew them one to another.

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