How to settle the Easter table

Easter decoration for the tableEaster is a momentous and favorite holiday. It’s connected with our religious beliefs and with the beginning of the spring. Both, of course, are significant and cheerful, so the preparation is usually very important for all of us.

Today, we would like to give you some hints and teach you how to settle the Easter table nicely, appropriately according to the main customs of the holiday and mostly – wonderfully and lovely, so the experience will be really unforgettable:

  • As a start choose a proper backdrop. It could be better if the base is neutral and classical, so you will have the chance to improvise and put some more art in your decoration process. A stunning white lace or a satin light pink cloth could be very nice! But before you start with the decoration of your table do some spring one off cleaning of your home.

  • Consider the nuances of the Easter holiday – red, yellow and probably green, which is mostly a spring color. Though, it will fit your 3-colour scheme. Go on with the items in these nuances. Arrange fresh fruits – lemons, apples and decorate with green twigs. Also, place some fresh flowers and add a gorgeous vase in red. It will match most of your eggs, which should be in red as you know.

  • An Easter table must be a sweet one. Never expel the sweets and the chocolate things. Fill a whole basket with cookies and add some tiny cups of porcelain, where you can arrange your truffles. Also, bring some originality to your decoration by placing lollipops and jelly candies on the seats for kids.

  • The best way to present your eggs is to put them among straw or knitted vessel. You can decorate the eggs with twigs, flowers, yarn, hand-made ornaments.

  • Add some individual decoration. Put a crafted gift card in front of everyone’s plate and write a personal message or a greeting for Easter holiday!

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