How to select curtains for your kitchen

How to select curtains for your kitchenWhen you are choosing curtains for your kitchen, it is really difficult to find the right fabric from the variety of tulle, organza, voile and so on. Consider the fact that you have to wash the drapery fairly often. What is more, if the kitchen also has the function of a dining room, then your curtains need to be not also practical, but very beautiful. Here are some rules you have to follow:

  • The colours of the curtains should fit the colour of your furniture and walls. And don’t forget – small kitchen looks more spacious in soft neutral colours while the dark colours are suitable for a greater space.

  • Avoid curtains with tassels, sequins, etc. If the simple curtains get you bored, or seem inappropriate, then add some bright accents in a different colour. Immediately you will see the difference. And why not place some rugs in the kitchen? Along with the carpet cleaning London, they will bring real cosiness to the room!

  • No one is going to judge you, if you select practical kitchen blinds made of wood, bamboo, straw, plastic or metal as they are easy to wash and clean. The curtains are wonderful, but cooking goes with strong odours, stubborn dirt, humidity, steam and heat. So take great care of the materials.

  • The good housewife cooks well and serves fine cuisine, runs thorough domestic cleaning London and her house is always tidy. In addition, she has the ability to pay attention to the details. If you manage to combine the curtains for the kitchen, with napkins, kitchen towels and bath towels, this is an outstanding testimonial – you are the perfect housewife. Also, if your kitchen has a wealth of colours, you’d better pick simple curtains.

  • Suitable fabrics – The handy selection of curtains is the choice of natural fabric that is washable even in the washing machine. Such curtains for the kitchen are made of linen, cotton, cotton, jute, hemp, silk, organza, tulle and so on.

Last but not least, the curtain rod and the window sills are also of high importance. Once you have chosen the perfect curtains for your kitchen, you should take care of the sill. The best model for this unit is a simple model of metal or plastic. Massive wooden cornice fits kitchens in large homes.

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