How to sanitise the humidifier?

Sanitise the humidifierHaving a humidifier at home is a total blessing. It is very suitable for dry seasons. Besides, it keeps your living space in a good healthy condition by removing the bacteria and all kinds of allergen from the air. Though, you cannot get these amazing benefits from your home humidifier if you do not show it some respect. The constant and proper maintenance is essential, so find out how to sanitise the humidifier with our simple tutorial:

  • Before doing anything with your humidifier, look for the manual instructions and manufacturer’s guides for its exploitation and maintenance. Your personal model may demand some specific cares you need to perform.

  • Materials you need: traditional white vinegar, tap lukewarm water, bottle brush and bleach. If you want perfect results, that also includes some seasonal deodorising, equip yourself with tea tree oil.

  • Before telling you the easiest humidifier sanitising technique, keep in mind that it should be listed in your regular cleaning checklist on a weekly basis.

  • Besides, the water in the humidifier should be changed every day! Do not forget that and do not be scrooge for ordinary tap water.

  • Transform the humidifier by disjointing as many parts as you can. The deeper you sanitise it, the better. Of course, washing should not mean damaging the gadget.

  • Pour vinegar into the main corpus. The product is cheap and its effect is amazing. Vinegar disinfects the humidifier from any dirtiness, but mostly – from the dust!

  • Rinse with lukewarm water and let the humidifier dry. Go on by brushing it in order to eliminate even the least piece of grime or allergen. This is important, because, otherwise, you will breathe these germs from the air in your own house.

  • Polish the humidifier with tea tree oil. This amazing plant is a superb disinfecting product, so do not underestimate its wonderful functions.

  • If you feel unable to disjoint the humidifier, better use the assistance of expert cleaners. Their services will cost you less than a new humidifier!

Now, when summer is here, the time for cleansing the humidifier is perfect! Do it with our tips!

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