How to remove ink from a carpet

Cleaning ink stain on the carpetTaking care of carpets at home requires everyday efforts. They include common Hoovering, applying the formula baking soda + vacuuming and deodorising once in a while. Doing correctly all of these things will help in having your carpet really attractive and hygienic. \

At the same time, you always have to be prepared for accidents and urgent situations. Stains – this is what we mean! No carpet is insured against stains. No rug is guaranteed to live long and make you happy till the rest of your days. Accidental dropping or careless nutrition may ruin your brand new carpet. Add to this the fact you raise a small kid at home and you now know that nothing is really forever. So does carpets. Though, not any stain is as catastrophic as end of life. One way or another, you can actually squeeze the chance and correct your mistakes.

As a matter of fact, almost all kinds of stains may be removed from a carpet, especially if it is manufactured and not very delicate. Check out how to remove ink from a carpet and fill the method into your big collection of carpet cleaning solutions. One day you will be ready to deal with any kind of dirtiness! It is always only about the experience and about few cleaning facts:

  • You will need clean and dry cloth, cotton swab, glycerin, bowl, cold water and soft washing detergent (soap or dishwashing product).

  • First of all, put a piece of a clean cloth under the stain, so no other home object could be spoiled with the ink.

  • Then, take the cotton swab and ladle out a bit amount of glycerin. Apply it gently on the ink stain. Start rubbing delicately.

  • Just as an elucidation, remember that in case you don’t have glycerin at hand, you can replace it with hair spray.

  • Let the glycerin to absorb into the carpet and use the time to prepare a homemade recipe for cleaning. It is very simple – just mix few drops of the mild cleaning product into a bowl of cold water.

  • Pour some of the cleanser on the stain and rub again!

Voilà! The ink is gone! Your carpet is clean!

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