How to overcome the no-redecorating ban in a rental?

How to overcome the no-redecorating ban in a rentalThere are different landlords across UK and unfortunately, most of them really love putting bans on your domestic life. Sometimes, potential tenants are ready to accept them, because they feel pressed by time and money to afford some other property. One of the most popular bans, by the way, is the no-redecorating. Somehow, landlords across the entire Great Britain prefer to stay old-fashioned and they do not allow their tenants to change anything in the properties. On the other side, every tenant desires to make everything possible in order to turn the foreign house into their brand new own home. We will tell you how to overcome the no-redecorating ban in rental with some hints, but you need to work with your imagination, too:

  • Take the benefits of the existing basis. If you have a boring beige or white room – from ceiling to floor – you can make wonders with your personal aesthetic skills. Accept the beige or the white base as your personal canvas and start making art on it by adding decors in bright colours.

  • Fill in the rooms with your emblematic presence. Bring your old photos of friends and relatives and order the most superb gifts or souvenirs you have ever accepted. Such a decorating move is painless for your landlord and sincere for your presence in the property.

  • Hygiene is beauty! No matter how modest and simple an interior design is, it could look better and more attractive if you put some good order. Besides, some thorough sanitising of the house, as well as particular jobs such as steam carpet cleaning and floor restoring will add a sleek and stylish view to the atmosphere.

  • Rearrange the furniture. This is something a landlord can allow, if you ask him at first. Though, with his permission, you can construct a brand new domestic living space. Move the living room table next to the window and arrange the drawers in kitchen on one single wall. Improvise and establish your favourite furniture arrangement conception!

  • Give it a try with negotiations! Still, there is a chance for you to overcome the no-redecorating ban if you apply some good manners and convincing skills. Try with a promise that you will book professional post tenancy cleaning in exchange of permission for redecorating!

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