How to keep your outdoor pool clean

How to keep your outdoor pool clean After the long winter season, your pool needs some maintenance before you can use it. It is probably full of algae and dirty debris. All pools are different and the causes of pollution vary, but the secret to sparkling clean pool is the regular care. Even if you rely on professional pool cleaning service, it won’t hurt to know how to maintain your pool on your own. Here are some of the essential pool maintenance tips you should know about.

  • First and most obvious thing is debris skimming. If you have a pool you probably also have that long telescope thing with a net on top called hand skimmer or leaf skimmer. Use it to remove debris while they are still floating on top because if you wait they will sink and they become a lot harder to remove. It’s just like the carpet, you should book for professional carpet cleaning London every couple of months to keep it spotless.

  • Buy your own water testing kit. Yes, even if you rely on pool service, you can buy a water testing kit. This way you can check on the water every time you want. Moreover, you will save a lot of money. Water testing kit comes with a lot of instructions, so everybody can do it. It is the same with the house cleaning, you may have domestic cleaners London, but eventually you have to clean by yourself once in a while.

  • Keep the chlorine levels in the norms. Chlorine is essential for you pool. It prevents algae and disinfects the water. There are many options on the market such as liquid and granules. Granules are usually more expensive, but easier to use and measure.

  • Cover it up. The best way to keep the pool clean is to cover it up when nobody’s using it. There will be less dirt, leaves, and debris you should worry about.

Remember that the temperature is the main factor for developing algae. That means during the hot season you need to test the pool every 2-3 days.

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