How to inspire your boyfriend for household chores

How to inspire your boyfriend for household choresPassion for cleanliness and order is traditionally attributed to women. Men are raised with the idea that they are designed to solve a global problem such as how mankind can get to Mars. They do not even notice that the house desperately need cleaning. There is a variety of techniques, thanks to which man can be attracted to domestic work. It is important to choose the most appropriate one:

  • Diplomacy. This category includes all techniques that appeal to male vanity. For example: “Sweetheart, without you I would not succeed. Only your strong hands can bring in order here.” After such a request men usually are thrown to prove that 100% they can justify such confidence. With dedication they take on the toughest physical work such as repairing plumbing, nailing shelves and shifting the furniture.

  • Deal. If your beloved person is too busy and under this pretext avoids any involvement in domestic affairs, offer him a deal. Let him cope with rough end of tenancy cleaning Chiswick while you perform any of his simple, but annoying obligations – printing necessary documents; taking his suit to dry cleaning or making an appointment with his dentist. The greatest success you can achieve is if you do instead of him any particularly unpleasant for him activity.

  • Dramatization. The aim of this method is the man to realize the fundamental importance of order and cleanliness. Such a task requires patience and perseverance. For a while, stop cleaning the home, stop even carpet cleaning Battersea. If the old dust and a sink full of dishes did not impress him, move to his personal territory. Do not store laundered his clothes in the closet and do not cook. Any normal man will soon realize that something is wrong.

  • Game. This is perhaps the most effective way to attract the man without instigating in him any negative feelings. If you doubt the result of such an approach, remember the devotion of men to any toys that differ from those of childhood only by price and technology. That is the key word here – technology. Only mention of the beloved, that your new vacuum cleaner is the result of a revolutionary technology and he will start with interest to examine, test, and then use it with pleasure.

Finally, don’t forget to express gratitude when your beloved person helps you. With time this assistance will become a habit as the cup of morning coffee.

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