How to host a moving party

How to host a moving partyIf you have moved before, then you know how stressful it is. You have to find a new house, then there is packing, which may turn into a real challenge for your organisation skills. Finally, the move itself comes. Well, stress should not be your only association with a removal! Make it fun and easy – throw a party! Here is what you need to do:

  • Pick the kind of a moving party you prefer – the first decision you have to make is which aspect of moving you need help with. Is it the packing or moving all your stuff to your new home? Once you decide it, you will easier think out the time of the party, the guests list, and the rest of the details. For instance, a packing party could be really fun – it is a wonderful way to spend some time with your pals. It does not require a lot of walking up and down the stairs or heavy lifting. Just a little help is never redundant and probably your friends will not mind to support you when you need it.

  • Choose the right people – it depends mostly on the type of a party you are going to play. If this is a packing party, then invite friends you will have fun with. In addition, they must not mind going through your items. When it comes to a moving day party, however, you should call some of your strongest pals. They will be able to help you with the heavy boxes and lifting furniture. If you used to live in a rented property, then consider using professional services for end of tenancy cleaning Islington.

  • Prepare a bit – you don’t have to leave all the work to your friends. Give specific tasks to them and have your pals choose what they want to do the most – packing closet, kitchen or bathroom?

  • Make the party fun! Make sure your friends won’t feel like in a boot camp. Of course, you have asked them for help but it is also supposed to be entertainment. If you are going to throw a packing party, then chat, take breaks, play some music. Your guests must feel comfortable – order a pizza or open a bottle of wine. You can even plan some games – board games or card games are a good option. Let the evening be exciting and enjoyable!

  • Don’t be disappointed if someone refused to help you – moving and packing parties are not every one’s ‘thing’. For instance, if you need assistance with disinfecting your rugs before you pack them, then you can always call your carpet cleaners Bromley. Sometimes, your friends may be really busy or decline your invitation because of other objective reasons. Anyway, enjoy the party with the friends who have come over!

Throwing a moving party may seem an unusual idea to you at the moment. In fact, it is a good way to relax a bit and have fun with your friends! At the same time, you will be crossing everything off your checklist! Great idea, right?

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