How to get a better price for your house upon sale

How to get a better price for your house upon saleSo, you have finally made a decision to sell your property and of course, you are eager to get a high price. You contact a real estate agent and after prolonged discussions, you finally agree on the selling price. However, if you have the time and the money, you can make some further improvements that will not only boost the price but also attract more potential buyers. It is not necessary to make huge renovation projects, though. After all, your aim is to turn a good profit rather than spending a fortune on a property you do not intend to live in. Here are the key areas you should pay attention to:

  • Kitchen and bathroom are probably the most important places in every house and no buyer would be impressed if they are in a poor condition. If necessary, change the kitchen cabinets and countertops and fix the minor scratches on the floor. As for the bathroom, replace the broken tiles (if any) and fix the leaking faucets and the siphon.

  • Cleanliness is an essential detail and under no circumstances should you invite buyers to the house before you make sure it is sparkling clean. If you have had tenants, they must have performed an end of tenancy cleaning London but it would not hurt to take a look around and check if everything is fine.

  • What about the living room? Of course, it would be excessive to replace the furniture but you can refurbish your old ones. You can also ask your house cleaners London to polish the wooden parts of the furniture with a special detergent.

  • Since your priority is to make buyers feel that this is their home, you have to make it cosy and welcoming. For that purpose, you can place beautiful flowers and get rid of all unpleasant odours that can ruin the good first impression.

Once you are done with these, you can be sure that you will get a decent amount of money for your property.

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