How to be more productive in 2014

Be more productive in 2014The end of one and the beginning of another year is always a time for reckoning. Everyone realises – there are still things in work, which should be improved, although trying hard enough and working with desire.

Here are a few easy ways to increase your motivation and productivity:

  • Spend some time “no emails”. Frequent checking of the personal e-mail can be quite distracting. When you have a task and you have a little time to finish it, just forget about your e-mail and do not open it at all. In this way you will have the opportunity to focus on the work;

  • Move. Don’t just sit behind the desk. Stand up and walk at any convenient moment – even if it has to be to the other room;

  • Listen to music. Wearing headphones does not always mean that you are antisocial. Just as you work, your favorite music can help you feel more comfortable;

  • Take short breaks. It was proven that 10-minute break every two hours improves blood circulation, while it reduces eye fatigue and relieves tension in the muscles. Every two hours walk to a colleague in the next room, a nearby store or just take some time to read your favorite magazine;

  • Take care for your workplace. Run regular cleaning and remove any unneeded documents that are collected on your desk or on your computer. It’s not like you should sanitise the whole office – overall carpet cleaning, for example, is not your duty. But you’ll see – organised workplace and organised documents help for achieving better and effective work as promoting focus. Benefits are almost guaranteed;

  • Add some colour around your workplace or live plants. The colour can have a major influence on mood and your productivity throughout the day. Blue creates a feeling of relaxation and helps you to focus, and red is great for work that requires precision and attention to details. Plants can help people to focus on their tasks, reducing headaches and fatigue. A recent study has found that plants increase productivity in the workplace with up to 30 percent. Sounds like it is worth to give it a try, right?

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