How to be fair and devoted single parent?

Devoted single parentBeing a parent is a hard task. Being single parent is something between challenge, adventure and disaster. To be good at it, you need excellent management skills, a lot of patience and just natural talent for parenting. If you don’t have these, don’t worry, no one was born with all needed knowledge. You can get a couple of advices and become what you are not yet.

  • Gather similarities. Look around for people in your situation to exchange experience. According to the statistics all around you can find single parents. Be careful picking up new friends for advisors, situations and people are different, so not every advice is applicable in every situation.

  • Parenting 101. Ask your friends and relatives with children how they manage. In some situations partnership is not much different than being single, so you may face similar issues. Ask your parents how they managed to raise you and what kind of child you are.

  • Growing together. Look positive to the situation, this is a journey you share with your child. You are both student and tutor. Don’t think that child can’t teach you new things and keep your eyes open: you’ll see how you get to know yourself better through your little treasure.

  • Join forces. Involve your offspring in activities like house cleaning, dog walking and shopping for home. This will show your trust in them and will help them to become independent and with their own thinking. Also work together on bigger projects like renovations, move out and move in-s, etc.

  • Don’t forget yourself. Don’t forget you are not only a parent but also a person. Don’t neglect your own needs because you give negative example to your child. If you want the kid’s respect, you’ll need to earn it by respecting yourself.

  • Make emergency plans. You can get stuck in the traffic, you can get cold or you may need urgent help – make emergency list with people you can count on. No matter if you are going to perform carpet sanitising or throw birthday party, you need friends, family and so on to lend you a hand. Be prepared with the list easily accessible and on visible place like message board or fridge door.

Just the first days are scary, once you see your child is neither so fragile, nor so spoiled, you will see the good sides. Think about the history, there are a lot of single parents, that raised great people, may be you will be like them someday.

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