How men evaluate their maids’ job

Gender differencesWe are all people… but we are different and probably the most frequent difference comes from our genders. According to this, there are differences even in our perception of world, others’ actions, etc. We even see our housekeepers’ work differently. Here, we will pay attention of the factors, which are important for men when they evaluate their maid’s work.

  1. The wholesome result. While women concentrate on details, men see the whole picture and they evaluate according to it. If the house is clean like whole dust on the upper ledge of the window isn’t a problem. There are exceptions of course, some men are even more detail orientated than women and vice versa.

  2. Friend or maid. If maid is just a maid and not a friend or someone who listens all your problems, men would be glad; women not so much. Women like to discuss and to have “one more opinion”, so they are more likely to include personal element when evaluating the work of their housekeepers.

  3. The look. Men are not blind or something, but for them when you hire person to clean and maintain your home, he/she should do this. If the worker is good or bad looking is out of the account as long as the work is done properly. For women the outlook works in two directions: if woman hires a maid and she is too good looking, she is a threat, the more invisible the maid is, the better.

  4. Specific tasks. Cleaning may be different for both genders. Women would spot dust and stains behind or under the furniture and appliances; men would concentrate on the visible surfaces and the floor. For example, hiring upholstery cleaners women tend to have unrealistic expectations, higher or lower, and if the result doesn’t meet their expectations are more likely to evaluate the work as unsatisfying. Men would accept it and if not satisfied will just change the maid.

  5. Extra touch. Flowers on the table or arranged in special way cushions are things that women and men may see differently. Women would take it as a bonus, but expected one; and men may not even spot it. It wouldn’t reflect the evaluation of the overall maid’s work from male point of view.

  6. Onetime help. Men would prefer someone else to do the specific jobs like end of tenancy cleaning, preparation for special occasions, etc. and will leave the people to do their job. Women may hire professional company or specialist but will watch closely what they do no matter if the employer has expertise in the field or not.

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