How did your granny clean her rugs?

Old cleaning tricksOnce upon a time there were few decades, when people were used to count on their smart techniques for cleansing home items and premises. These people did not use professional cleaning services. They were quite limited in their commercial detergent choices, too. Though, they had amazing homes with fresh, stunning and healthy air. One of these people was your granny, by the way. How did she manage to disinfect the house? It was not easy, but she was definitely working like blazes for it. See how your granny cleaned her rugs:

  • Firstly, we would like to remind you that during our grannies’ times carpets were very modern and almost mandatory in every home. As a matter of fact, your grandmother needed to cleanse lots of rugs since almost each room was covered with them.

  • This is why your granny liked the idea behind the constant, regular and light house cleaning. She preferred to spend 1 hour per day with dusting and wiping instead of letting the house to absorb too much germs and dirtiness for a couple of days.

  • As to the rugs, your granny has her own favourite magic and it was the old, but gold white vinegar. Almost each type of a carpet stain used to be removed with it. Grannies liked the distilled vinegar, because its smell evaporated fast and it was toxic-free.

  • And more about the white vinegar. When a bad stain appears, grannies used to pour a big amount of the vinegar on the area and let it for at least an hour. Then, the real scraping began. Always, your granny had a spray bottle filled with water and vinegar solution. She used it daily for refreshment.

  • There were no local expert cleaners that were trying to win your granny’s attention via reliable steam carpet cleaning for her rugs. Though, she applied a mixture of fresh boiled herbs and then she vacuumed them off with the hoover.

  • Grannies coped with the dents in the rugs by placing ice cubes on them and leaving them over the night. Try this, too!

Granny is a model! And reading these cleaning tips without applying them is a sign of disrespect!

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