Hide and seek in end of tenancy cleaning – chapter 2

Hide and seek in end of tenancy cleaning In the previous article with the same title we have mentioned that end of tenancy cleaning seems like a game, where tenants and landlords play cat-and-mouse action. While the tenants want their tenancy deposits back, the landlords want their properties to be put in presentable condition. The hardest part, naturally, comes to the tenants, who need to bring some really strong efforts in sanitising the house and disinfecting its dirty areas.

However, it is not easy for the landlords, either. Because, after all, if the end of tenancy cleaning is not performed properly, they will have to clean and refresh by their own. Otherwise, the new guests and tenants will definitely skip the house as their new home place. The hide and seek game, which is performed by the landlords and tenants during the end of tenancy cleaning is about dirtiness and stains. You do know now that you should hide dust, remains and food leftover from the interior design of your future ex home place! Now, find out what you have to seek in end of tenancy cleaning:

  • Seek for a reliable and popular professional cleaning company. If you choose the firm that has been already tested by your friends or colleagues, you will double the chances to receive your tenancy deposit back!

  • Seek for some strong and non-toxic cleaning detergents for the entire sanitising procedure! Try to follow both lines in perfect home cleaning operation – green cleaning and efficient cleaning! Avoid the harmless cleansers, because your landlord may turn out to be very pretentious about the eco-friendly disinfection in his or her property!

  • Seek for some hidden stains you may have forgotten during the long period of your tenancy life. You may have forgotten them, but your landlord can’t forget the fact that your tenancy deposit depends on such mistakes and faults!

  • Seek for some tips and pieces of advice of the previous tenants, who had lived in the property before you moved in! They may know what your landlord usually demands at most!

Hide and seek in end of tenancy cleaning – chapter 1

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