Hide and seek in end of tenancy cleaning – chapter 1

 Hide and seek in end of tenancy cleaning If you are a tenant, you already know that one day end of tenancy cleaning is going to get you! During this period all you will think about will be the cleaning chores, which are expected from you. Awful exhausting and tiring nights in scrubbing, washing and disinfecting will change your life for a few days. What is the worst in the end of tenancy cleaning is the property inspection. Your landlord has been nervous since the very first day you entered your lodging! Though, this time you really need to satisfy him!

  The return of your tenancy deposit depends on this! If you want to reduce the stress of the horrified combination between a removal and an end of tenancy cleaning, accept the challenge and take it as a game! After all, end of tenancy cleaning really looks like a game – like a hide and seek game between you and your landlord! See a funny way how to do it:

  • In end of tenancy cleaning, you hide, and your nasty landlord is seeking! The essential detail here is that you actually hide the signs and the evidence of your presence in the property during the few past years or months. It is paradoxical, but usually a landlord expects to find his property in a presentable condition as nobody has lived here! That is your main goal, actually!

  • Hide! Hide the stains with the latest cleaning trends and solution you have heard about! Read all of the housekeeping magazines that are nearby and turn on the TV – some specialized cleaning shows may help you! When you hide a stain, though, we don’t mean to cover it with an object, but really to remove it!

  • Hide the mess, which you have made your second roommate for the past years! There is no place for the mess during the property inspection! Tidy the premises and sanitize the details and furniture inside them!

  • Hide the dust – wipe everything and then re-wipe again! Don’t let your landlord outwit you by running a finger through the surfaces and show you the dust! Get rid of it! 

Hide and seek in end of tenancy cleaning – chapter 2

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