Glass Repairs – bring the broken pieces together

Glass repairsIn a perfect world everything that’s broken can be fixed. A broken heart, broken dreams, a broken glass. Unfortunately the world we live in is not perfect at all.

You cannot fix your broken heart just by picking up the pieces; you cannot bring back a broken dream just by starting all over again.

But do you believe me that your favorite glass can be fixed for real? Yes, it can be – even in our imperfect world. You do not really believe me? – just think what incredible progress we make every day. So everything that seemed impossible yesterday is so easy to do today.

But how exactly you can get your broken things repaired?  Of course by finding good professionals to do it for you. There are companies working in this area, so you have to choose a good one and give the broken things you have for repairing. It sounds, so easy, doesn’t it?! But if you are curious about the whole process of repairing I will reveal you some secrets from the kitchen:

  • Magic glue that can stick all the broken pieces together? – Actually one of the companies leaders in this business uses exactly such glue for cracks. It is ultraviolet curing glue that hides the cracks and can fill the little missing details of the broken object. And if the objects have a lot of texture and light effects it is hardly possible to see the lines of repairing.

  • The dishwashers are dangerous for crystal? – You have never thought of this, have you? The specialists in repairing glass do not recommend any dishwasher for crystal. The reason is that high temperature and using strong detergents can seriously damage your glassware. The glass can turn gray and become more susceptible to damage and splits. So it is impossible to repair it in this condition.

  • What objects can be fixed? – Glassware, vases, sculptures. Anything that is not broken in too many pieces.

  • What is the price? – It depends on the broken object and its complicity. For instance, a broken wine glass will cost you about 25$.

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