Freshen up the bedroom for the spring

Bedroom spring refreshmentWith the spring coming up, we want to change not only our looks, but what surrounds us as well. Why don’t we start with our home? Here are some interesting ideas for renovation of the interior.

Let’s start with the bedroom. It is where one opens their eyes every morning. And everything their eyes should see, should be beautiful and bringing joy. To achieve this this, you can:

  • Paint the walls in a new colour (or change the wallpaper that you are probably already bored of). Let you fantasy work – three of the walls can be the same colour, and the fourth – another. Or mix paints until you get your favourite colour. The beige or yellowish walls will make the room looks as if there is more space in it. On the opposite, the brown or dark blue coloured walls will make it look smaller. Do not use red or any other bright or conspicuous colour as it will tease your eyes and make you feel uncomfortable. The light unsaturated colours usually have the ability to calm the senses and and make you feel relaxed and happy.
  • Change the curtains and tablecloths. These are just fabric, but they influence the atmosphere of the entire room. Why don’t you buy a light green blinds and your room will burn and turn into a real paradise. If you go for some yellow or orange curtains and table cloths, you will welcome the sun into the room. The blue ones will make you feel like on holiday with the sea out there.

Everyone deserves a bedroom where could feel peaceful and relaxed. A little change sometimes makes a big difference!

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