Feng shui ideas for the kitchen

Feng shui ideas for the kitchenBy Feng Shui, we can turn the kitchen into a relaxing and inspiring place for the whole family.

 If you love your kitchen, it is normal that you would like to spend more time there, preparing delicious meals that feed equally well both the body and soul. If you do not like it, you will be tempted to go in there only when needed, which leads to eating more junk food, and this will hurt your figure.

In Feng Shui, the kitchen is considered as one of the most important rooms in the home. It embodies the heart and must be clean and cosy. Here are some feng shui ideas of how to change the most important room in your home so that the whole family can enjoy their time in it.

In order to have a bright and beautiful kitchen, put some bright, vibrant, joyful and inspiring pictures, postcards and decorations, brighter lighting and natural elements. Living plants and landscapes are always inspiring for the soul!

The kitchen is a magnet for everything unnecessary in other rooms, so it’s a good idea to sort through and figure out a place for everything. Baskets are a great choice. At least we can put your mail and keys in a box or basket, rather than waste it on a table or a counter top. And that will make it more orderly, whether it’s feng shui or not.

If the refrigerator door looks like a pile of notes, magnets and pictures, maybe it’s time to change that. Refrigerator door is a great place to point out and celebrate the achievements of your family and hang pictures of your friends and loved ones, but sometimes things get out of control. Good idea, according to feng shui, is to take this down and put them in a shoebox for better storage.

We all spend time in the kitchen, we all love to leave there everything we can not find a place for. But if you have not used something in the past six months, it might be better to throw it away. It will inspire you and you will continue with the clean up. The next target could be the cabinet with pots and the cutlery drawer. Many of these objects are supposed to save us time, but actually they only take up space.

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