Family board games – the perfect Christmas present

Family board gamesAt Christmastime shops are filled with different ultra-modern toys. Dolls, cars, robots compete for children’s attention. And family board games somehow are being forgotten.

Why exactly these games are the perfect gift for your kids?

The price (which in most cases is very important) is not too high. In addition, they are ideal for the winter season. Cold weather requires more spent hours at home, which can be extremely amusing, enjoying a family board game. Here are our suggestions for such games:

  1. Something classic – “Pachisi”

  • Number of players: 2 to 4;

  • Age group: no limits;

  • Rules of the game:  Everybody knows them, right? All four pawns of each player must go around the playing field before the others and take their places in the final triangle. The moves are determined by a roll of the dice;

  • Why this is the perfect gift for the kid: competition with other players is fun and instructive at the same time. The child learns the basic knowledge – how to count, to wait his turn, to win and to lose… and of course – not to be angry when he/she isn’t lucky.

  1. Scrabble

  • Number of players: 2 to 4;

  • Age group: it is desirable for a child to be at least at first grade at school;

  • Rules of the game: tiles with letters must be sorted on the square box. So they form words in crossword puzzles. To carry points, the words must be real. Abbreviations, jargon and colloquial variants are not allowed;

  • Why this is the perfect gift for children: the game of words is ideal if you want your child to improve his/her spelling. At the same time it develops associative thinking, vocabulary, helps to absorb the mathematical knowledge as the sum, subtraction, multiplication, when you count the points. It’s a quite useful game, isn’t it?

  1. Monopoly

  • Number of players: 2 to 8;

  • Age group: 8 or older;

  • Rules of the game: you have to buy more properties with the help of your own money. So you will profit from the other players through the construction and rentals. The goal is to make the others go bankrupt;

  • Why this is the perfect gift for children: Monopoly requires more time, but it is fun and full of surprises. The game encourages competitive spirit, develops strategic thinking and helps in math (like Scrabble). The child learns how to work with money, too.

Instead of players to go to jail, you could compose a list of chores to do during the week – like domestic cleaning.

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