Face cleansing – beauty tips

Face cleansing after partyNatural beauty and healthy cares of your body are things that determine your inner world and give a confidence in the outside world. There are parts of your appearance that cannot be hidden or repaired with make-up, vanguard clothes or expensive jewelries.

Skin is one of these things. Beautiful skin is not only granted from nature or a consequence of particular gene types. Skin needs cares, right approach into cleansing and refreshing and constant attention. If you want your skin to be radiant, healthy and glowing, there are things you should start doing! Face cleansing is the first step to prevent oily, dry or listless skin!

See some basic beauty tips that can put a good start for proper face care:

  • The makeup remover – there is a big mistake that applying makeup remover is enough to cleanse the skin. Yes, this contemporary beautifying product is extremely significant in face care, but it is never enough to make your skin shining! Makeup remover is actually the first step of cleansing – especially, if you apply foundation or powder daily! Excessive usage of makeup on an occasion also needs strong and professional makeup remover. Always apply it after dinners, hot nights and during the after party cleaning, when you receive guests at home!

  • Double face cleansing – it means you should always clean your face after applying makeup remover. Use a proper cosmetic product that suits to your skin. Attention – dry skin can also get dirty and oily skin can also dehydrate! Don’t miss the morning and evening face cleansing and always apply some moisturising cream afterwards.

  • Exfoliation – this is a procedure that every woman should perform on her face skin at least once a week! Whether you will choose some tested commercial cosmetic, or you will rely on natural scrub (brown sugar, baking soda, coffee or bran), you won’t regret! The exfoliation is important for removing the dead cells and for restoring the vigor of your skin!

  • Toning – during the seasons and with the change of climate plus the emotional process or healthy disorders, skin can lose its vitality. In such periods it needs some tonic to get back the radiance and stop withering! Don’t overdo with the tonic, because skin will get used to it and the effect will be lost!

  • Don’t underestimate the ordinary water – it is something that your entire body needs and alcohol or herb tinctures can’t replace! When you cleanse your face start with hot water to open the pores and deeply disinfect and finish with rinsing with cold water to close them up!

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