Excellent detergents from nature

Excellent detergents from natureMost important to maintain cleanliness in the home are detergents. Those we buy, however, are often quite strong and even poisonous. To protect yourself and your family from their bad influences, it is best to turn to nature for a decision. Conventional cleansers on chemical basis could be replaced by some natural and homemade solutions. Check them out:

  • One of the strongest acids is citric. Lemon is a powerful weapon against bacteria in the home, foam from the soap after washing and deposits due to hard water. Lemon can be used to clean and polish brass, to scrub dishes, all surfaces and stains. A lemon juice mixed with olive oil, is used for polishing of solid wood furniture.

  • Another solution is a natural corn starch. It successfully cleans windows, polishes furniture. It’s also applied in carpet and rug cleaning.

  • Essential oils have antiseptic ingredients. This makes them perfect not only for massages, and turns them into good disinfectants too. Take a spray bottle and fill it with water. Add a few drops of essential oil of your choice and shake well. With the resulting mixture, spray at home.

  • Even seemingly harmful to people products can be good for cleaning. As ammonia. In concentrated form, it is harmful to the eyes and skin, but not to the environment. Ammonia is extremely effective in cleaning windows and mirrors. You can use it by mixing it with water in a spray bottle.

  • For cleaning countertops and sinks, as well as cast iron pans, nature has given us the coarse sea salt. Mix it with a little lemon, then place it on a soft sponge, rub surfaces, wait a bit to stand, then rinse. Perhaps your end of lease cleaners Wimbledon won’t have enough time for green recipes, so don’t be angry of them!  

  • Mixed with a mild liquid soap, white vinegar helps to remove fat from surface. It also helps to clear gloss floors and windows.

  • Baking soda is a recognized universal detergent. To remove odors from a room, just leave an open box of baking soda. The same can be done with the refrigerator in case of bad smell. Baking soda is good for carpet cleaning Fulham, when there are stains. It’s also great for cleaning of sinks, countertops and generally all surfaces.

What about you? Do you prefer these natural detergents instead of commercial ones?

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