Everything you should know about mops and floor maintenance

Everything you should know about mops and floor maintenanceAccording to a popular belief, floor maintenance is an easy task that can be performed by everyone. To a certain extent, that’s true. After all you can just pour some lukewarm water in a bucket, dissolve some cleaning detergent and mop the floor. However, the floor cleaning routine can be less troublesome if you pay the necessary attention to the floor cleaning tools you use. Every homeowner has at least one or two mops randomly grabbed from the supermarket shelf but below, you will find whether the mop you use is appropriate for your type of flooring:

  • If you have ever booked for professional flooring services, the flooring company representative must have asked you about the type of flooring that must be cleaned. That’s due to the fact that some mops are more appropriate for hardwood floors while others are more effective for linoleum or vinyl floors.

  • If you have to clean a deck or the floor at a commercial building you are advised to opt for the cotton string mops as they are highly absorbent. However, you have to get a wringer bucket in order to squeeze the excessive quantity of water from the mop head.

  • Microfiber twist mops are among the favourites of end of lease cleaners. Microfiber mops are basically applicable to all kinds of surfaces as they are regarded as super absorbent, not to mention that they reduce the unpleasant streaks to the minimum.

  • Sponge mops cannot take pride in being as popular as the microfiber mops but they are undoubtedly the best choice when it comes to cleaning linoleum floors or walls. On the downside, they leave streaks and get too dirty quickly so using them on larger areas would be a real pain in the neck.

  • Flat head mops are the best choice if you have to clean laminate or hardwood floors. It is a well known fact that water is an enemy to wooden surfaces and the flat head mops spray just a small quantity of the detergent, which allows you to quickly wipe it down without damaging your floor. Well, floor cleaning seems a bigger challenge than carpet cleaning, right?

These were the most widespread types of mops, so the next time you see a sale of cleaning tools, carefully consider if the mop you intend to buy would do a good job or it will become the next useless purchase you made.

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