Durable garden furniture for rainy regions

Durable garden furniture for rainy regionsIn rainy regions such as the entire UK area buying garden furniture is a huge task to manage. If you don’t want to end up in a situation to replace the patio furnishings each season, you should better consider some more expensive, but reliable purchases. There are materials and textiles, though, which can easily survive all types of climates.

They are, of course, recommended for areas with high level of humidity. However, durability and the desire for longevity aren’t the first things that come to your mind when you are thrilled for some garden renovation and walk around the store with a big dose of excitement. Though, you need to know that both – quality and appearance – are equally important for furniture selection. Especially for garden furniture! Please, see our tips about garden furniture purchase in rainy regions:

  • Small patio area will look ridiculous, if you furnish it with some large wooden sets of dining table and enormous armchairs. You should better rely on something cute, practical and compact. Plastic garden seats are very suitable for this situation. Plus – plastic survives the rainy days perfectly well!

  • If you are, of course, too obsessed by the domestic idyll and wooden environment is the only option for you to create a cozy outdoor corner, take the risk smartly! There are types of wooden garden furniture that can live for long even in rainy climate. Choose something from hardwood, jarrah, shorea or roble, which by the way lasts for averagely 25 years. Maintain the wooden patio furniture with special oily detergents.

  • Wicker furniture, especially those items made from bamboo or rattan, are extremely elegant, refined and impressive. The natural wicker items, though, are both – expensive and a bit delicate to preserve. If you are ready to spend some more money, you can find water-resistant alternatives and be happy to have the most attractive garden from the entire street you live on!

  • If you are keen on metal brilliance and minimalist garden arrangement, pick up stainless furniture! In order to avoid rust issues, you can also select tables and chairs from aluminum. Reduce the unpleasant cold feeling with some cushions and soft blankets for stressing on the snugness of your outdoor yard!

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