Do you know these unpopular facts about love?

What you don't know about loveExcept all the popular ideas, connected with love, there are other less popular facts, that are associated with this wonderful feeling. The vision of love that comes to light from the latest science research requires a radical change. If we consider love from different perspective, our body’s perspective, we will find out some interesting truths. Actually, love is not an ordinary sexual desire, romance or special connection you feel with your beloved family. Probably, love is neither unconditional, nor long-lasting. The conclusion is that love, as our bodies experience it, is just a micro-moment of bond, shared with another person. Learn more now:

  • Creating eye contact is a key gateway for love. Meeting eyes is a shortcut to neural synchrony. It’s very important to look our beloved person in the eyes when we speak to each other. This way, the feeling of love and affection is stimulated and enforced. Eye contact is crucial not only for lovers, but for example when you express your domestic cleaning demandings too. Always look people in the eyes when you talk in order to show your respect and full attention.
  • Love strengthens the connection between your brain and your heart health. Lots of research prove that people who are more socially connected live much longer and healthier lives than solitaries. That is why, it is very important for old people to be surrounded by their family members and not to live all alone. Sometimes even the communication during the professional carpet treatment helps people to socialise and to be more vivid. It’s not discovered yet how precisely the social bonds affect your health.

  • Love is not exceptional. Don’t forget that you can experience micro-moments of connection and positivity with different people. Don’t restrict yourself only with your family members and best friends. Thus you accidentally limit your opportunities for well-being, health and growth. In fact, you are able to love far more, and far more frequently, than you ever thought.

Love is the best feeling ever, right? Appreciate the people around you and show your love to them at every opportunity, because life is really short.

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