Cute tunes to sing along with the cleaning

Cute tunes to sing along with the cleaningHaven’t you realised that during your daily cleaning routine you feel a lot better and more efficient when you hum a popular tune?

Do you know that there has been made a survey for the most popular songs that cleaners usually sing?

Well – here it is the cleaning playlist that will satisfy the taste of each member of the family. So fire up your iPod and invite everyone on the stage to sing along while cleaning the carpet. You will easily find a song to match your daily routine of sanitising habits and start your solo or group singing career together with the family members.

“Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy (1981)

This 1980s pop track is in the hearts of the working masses during the busy week. Sing this song to break free. It is not hard to re-write the lyrics:  “I swear, I just swept this floor few days ago.”

“Hard Knock Life” from Annie (1982)

This is a very useful song to involve kids in the laundry for instance – they will not whine from embarrassment, but will be actually having fun singing along to it. Just include some extra noises or funny faces and the task is fulfilled.

“Soak Up the Sun”by Sheryl Crow (2002)

Let’s face it – scrubbing toilets or mopping the floor is not an exciting job and obligation. Just hum this tune – “I am gonna soak up the Sun…..I am gonna tell everyone to lighten up!” This will definitely raise a smile up to your face.

“Housework” by The B-52s (1986)

Titled “Housework” this song is simply amazing. “I don’t need a man to treat me mean… just need a man to help me clean”- clear and so true. Try duet with your husband and regular domestic duties will be even pleasant to think about.

“We Are the Champions” by Queen (1977)

This epic power ballad that is sung after every sport victory is surprisingly appropriate while you conquer the greasy oven or the soapy scum.

Here’s a song from this list as a start!

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