Cooking oil – the most unpleasant spots on your stylish carpet

Cooking oil cleaningProbably, it happens to everyone – you purchase a new Persian, wonderfully coloured or 100% natural carpet as an eco-friendly philosophy follower and right on the next day you spoil it! Well, there is nothing to worry about – especially if you have made a cooking oil stain. Here is the recipe for getting rid of it.

Deal with the most unpleasant spots on your stylish carpet using the following guides:

  • First, do not lose your self-control. It is better to focus on the stain and act. Immediately! If you are sick of being repeated to deal with the spot as soon as it occurs on the rug, it means you keep doing it – you are always delaying the sanitising.

  • Try to eliminate the excess by pressing a wet cloth gently. It will soak part of the unpleasant cooking oil. Attention – do not rub or scrub too vigorously. You are risking your rug to remain with a huge greasy spot forever.

  • At first, you can apply some dry solvent. It is better for 2 reasons. First of all, this product is good enough for both – delicate and durable manufactured carpets. And second of all, they will not get absorbed by the fibres. Thus, you will not spoil the entire disinfection procedure – even if the solvent will not work.

  • Go on with the next step in case the oily stain is still there. Use the following formula for degreasing that you have probably used in your regular cleaning routine. Mix half tablespoon of dishwashing soap (a universal one) with warm water. Use a towel and press with the mixture.

  • There is a possibility for the greasy cooking stain to become a bit brown in the end of the process. It is now the time to apply your favourite polishing and sanitising product – white vinegar. Moreover – it will even reduce the bad odour from the rug.

See? Don’t worry even if you don’t succeed, because you can always call some reliable carpet cleaning specialists to get rid of that cooking oil stain!

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