Contrast shower – 5 beneficial for health minutes

Contrast showerTaking a shower is not only a necessity, but a real pleasure. The most useful is taking a shower when it is contrasting. Alternating for short period warm and tepid, and sometimes even – cold, has some proven benefits for health and stamina. Learn more:

  • The contrast shower accelerates and improves metabolism. We are generally speaking about the balance between acquisition and burning of energy required for the proper functioning of all processes in the body. If you suffer from a slow metabolism, it is difficult to lose weight, you have constipation often swelling, etc. There are several ways to speed up metabolism, among which is the contrast shower. It will affect the blood supply, the work of the heart and muscle tone. By the way, you will speed your metabolism by performing your end of tenancy cleaning on your own.

  • It is essential to begin to make contrast showers in late summer, if they are not your regular practice. The body begins to respond even better to the contrasting temperatures – home and away and stress about it is minimized.

  • How to make contrast showers? Finish everything you normally do in the shower. Let the water be pleasantly warm. Boost warm water for 15 seconds. After that increase the cold water and start to amplify so as to obtain lukewarm water. Hold again 15 seconds. Repeat 5 to 8 times, seeking for bigger contrast in temperatures. Finally finish with cold water and wipe yourself vigorously with a towel until you feel warm and your skin turns pink. This means that the peripheral blood vessels are opened again. The body is fresh and invigorated. Organise the visitation of the domestic cleaners on regular basis and spend some time by taking more contrast showers.

If you adopt this habit to take contrast showers, you will feel fresh and happy every day.

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