Closet Cleanout

Closet CleanoutOrganising the closet is something that we all know that we need to do, but often procrastinate. Cleaning it out helps you to free some space and do a reassessment of the clothes you own. No matter what your purpose is, we give you some useful tips:

  • The first step is to clear the closet itself. After removing all the clothes, begin with cleaning. This may take a little more time, but it is essential;

  • After that, get on with sorting your clothes. Divide your clothes according to how often you wear them. Don’t make any compromises! If you haven’t worn certain clothes for 6 months, hardly you will do it over the next 6. If it’s hard for you to make a decision – ask for advice from a friend. Arrange the clothes and accessories by colour and type, so you could create quick and easy spectacular combinations;

  • Scrap some clothes. Or to put it simply – throw them! They are no longer needed. That pile of clothes can include: clothing with defects, ill-fitting clothes or clothes that you don’t want to wear. The part of clothes that are still in good condition you can give to charity;

  • Determine your dressing style. “Going through” all your clothes, maybe will help you to do it. So it will be much easier to choose an outfit from your closet. And it’s also going to be easier to match different clothes;

  • Make a list. After you have sorted your clothes and accessories, write down what you don’t have. This will be useful to fill in the gaps. Proper consideration of the “missing items” will prevent future dilemmas related to what to put on. It’s never redundant, isn’t it?

Surely, tidy closet reduces stress, as you prepare for going out in the morning. However, you should maintain it every day, running domestic cleanup at home. Just like you don’t miss spring carpet cleaning in order to have a brilliant house, it’s important to take care of your outfit, too. “People welcome according to the clothes”– a wise man once said. There is something true, right?

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