Clever tips for effective cleaning

Clever tips for effective cleaning You know how important the regular home cleaning is. If you want nice and cozy house, you should give the best from you in sanitising. And you should run it at least once a week.

 Prepare all sorts of detergents and start! In case you have forgotten to buy certain cleaning agents or you can’t handle some stubborn stains (rust, burnt, mould), do not despair!

Maybe the decision of your problem is right in front of you – look around your kitchen. Well, we will help with some clever tips for comprehensive disinfecting:

  • Lemons – these citruses are useful in cosmetics mostly.  But nature has donated them with a lot more useful qualities. Citric acid effectively removes dirt and rust. Mix it with some salt and it will have even better results. To clean kitchen surfaces, immerse a half lemon with some baked soda and rub it on your desired location (if they are not made of marble or stainless steel, because it will darken). Wipe with a damp cloth and dry. Do you want to make white clothes even more white? – Add to the water for soaking one-half cup lime juice;

  • White bread – it’s good for removing dust from paintings, painted with oil paints. Gently pass the slice of bread on the surface of the canvas. It will take the dust and the dirt;

  • Ketchup – removes the dirty fallout on copper and brass food containers. Squeeze some ketchup on a soft cloth and scrub the desired places. In minutes you will regain their natural colour. Rinse with warm water and pat dry;

  • Rice – it’s suitable for cleaning deep vases and bottles with thin throat. Fill ¾ of the container with warm water and add a tablespoon of raw rice. Tap with the hand and shake the vase or the bottle. Pour and rinse;

  • Carbonated water will make the coverage of the kitchen sink to shine and will delete (at least visibly) wounded places on it. Rinse with a cloth soaked with soda water and repeat with dry.

  • Baby cosmetic oil polishes chromed surfaces. Only one drop onto a clean cloth will make all handles shine;

  • The toothpaste sterilises the damaged surface of the discs. Squeeze a small drop of toothpaste (not gel) and start to clean the disc in a straight line from the center to the periphery and on the scratches. Then rinse with water.

Try to listen to some music while you are running your carpet cleaning and refreshment or your deep one off cleaning. Focus on the nice music and you will see how time will “fly away”.

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