Cleaning the leather sofa

Leather sofa cleaningIf you have a sofa and armchairs made of leather or you are planning to buy one – it is very important to know how to keep them clean and maintain them properly, so they could look like you just took them from the store.

  1. The leather absorbs the dirt very intensely and therefore you should avoid sitting on the leather furniture with dirty clothes. It is important that the clothes you wear, when you use the sofa, do not have any zippers or studs, because they can easily scratch it.

  2. Frequently cleaning the leather sofa with a soft dry cloth is the second most important rule. You can clean the dry particles with a soft brush or with a hoover, but be careful not to move the dirt around and make it fall into the seams of the sofa.

  3. Removing of liquids. In case you have spilled water, soda, coffee or other liquid, wipe them with kitchen paper or some cloth with good absorbing qualities. You should not let the spills dry on their own or use a hairdryer.

  4. You can remove a stain from a leather sofa with a damp cloth and mild soap. Gently rub the stain and immediately dry it with a clean dry cloth. This way the leather will remain dry and the dirt will be trapped in the cloth.

  5. Cleaning of natural velour is done the same way as the leather. To return the original look of the velour after cleaning, all you need is to rub it slightly with abrasive paper.

Leather furniture is very fancy and luxurious, but it requires special treatment and maintenance. Cleaning companies provide special services for cleaning different types of leather. They use specially selected products to clean and nourish the furniture. The process is performed manually and it does not take a lot time.

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