Classical music as remedy

Classical music as remedyListening to classical music is often prescribed as an adjunct to women wishing to become pregnant. Pediatricians do recommend a daily 30-minute “reception” of lyrical sonatas and symphonies, in order to soothe crying babies too. What turns the notes of Chopin and Bach in from aesthetic delight in a remedy?

  • Classical music therapy is recommended for harmonizing body and spirit. When they vibrate at one frequency, the overall condition is improved – especially for soothing migraine, stress, depression and others. It regulates the heartbeat, blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. You can listen classical music even when you perform your upholstery cleaning.

  • In fact the whole human body works in a certain rhythm. The rhythm is a key feature of music. Actually the body and music are intrinsically connected. Breathing, heartbeat and pulse of the heart – they are all bound and cyclical rhythm of one depends on the rhythm of the other. So the whole body establishes a common melody, an individual impulse. It is different for each of us.

  • While it is not clear exactly why and how, the fact is that in most cases, listening to classical music has relaxing effect for adults and babies. Newborns feel good and they enjoy.

  • In many classics there are basic repeating patterns. This has established a rhythm, that is soothing.

  • Classical music helps the mind to ignore the everyday problems. In addition, music reduces physical fatigue and the body is invigorated. Listening to relaxing music during pregnancy is also important for general physical location of the woman and the baby’s health. An hour spent in a comfortable position with your favorite tunes, ensures peace and refreshment. Perhaps your domestic cleaners relax and listen to classical melodies, who knows.

What about you? Do you love listening to classical music?

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