Check out this colour obsession – flamingo pink for your bedroom!

Flamingo pink for your bedroomIt’s bold, it’s bright and it’s girly – flamingo pink. This exotic bird’s colouration has always been a statement of extraordinary taste. You simply can’t hide with this shade on your clothing or in your home design. But hiding is not the point anyway, right?! Check how you can use it in the bedroom without throwing the style out and without getting head ache from the intensity.

  • Bold walls. Choose more simple design and colour for the accessories and the furniture and transfer the accent on the walls. Choose according to your own taste if you want the colour on just one wall or on all of them. Keep in mind that in this case it’s better if you restrain yourself from paintings and other wall pieces, although wall stickers can bring in some texture to the space. Choose inspiring quotation or the figure of your favorite animal and finish this minor renovation. It wasn’t that hard, was it?

  • Soft pink. This is the next option if you don’t want to give your landlord heart attack when he sees how you camouflaged his property. Also it will guarantee you getting back the deposit after the end of lease cleaning is over. You can get flamingo pink curtains or window shades and the matching colour bed linen. If you want to go one step further in being bold add textures or patterns to these pieces – flamingoes on the curtains and long haired bed cover. How cool is that!

  • Bet on accessories. If the big pink panes are too much for you, try with stripes or decorations in this colour. If you bring your own furniture, you can refresh them for new life by painting them in the pink of these beautiful birds. Also this colour goes great with silver and white so you can add metal or white accents; this will make you feel just like rock star princess! Make the lamp base pink and add white shade, this will soften the effect. For the opposite – choose chair and paint its body in pink, adding seat of animal print cushion. Bold, don’t you think!?

  • Step on wings. If you want one sole accent in this colour it should be wise chosen. It also should be big enough not to disappear and small enough not to occupy the whole attention. This makes the carpet perfect choice and with that candy colour carpet sanitising becomes sweet task. Not always, probably, but you can call the local cleaning specialists, right? For wilder look you can search for animal prints – spots or zebra stripes.

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