Break these decorating rules and transform the defect in stunning effect

Decorating rulesRules need to be left behind sometimes. If our ancestors haven’t broken them long ago we would have still lived in caves. When it comes to fashion and decorating rules breaking them is mandatory if you want to create bold and stunning rooms. Here are a couple of rules you can break with clear conscience. Expect amazing outcome, because you will transform the defect in magnificent effect:

  1. Paint on the ceiling. The boldest thing you can make – start the rebellion from the top. Pictures are not reserved only for castles and churches. Monochronic or colorful it’s your choice – even if you want you can put extra decoration like stars or gypsum elements. It will bring all eyes on you.

  2. Creative wallpapering. Stop covering all walls. This is a bit boring. Better try with one wall or only part of it, you can use usual wallpaper and cut part of it or use wall sticker. Cover half of the wall for example, this will bring not only color and pattern, but also texture and it is easy to remove if it’s necessary during the post tenancy cleaning. You can even decorate furniture with wallpaper.

  3. Geometry and flowers. This is something like dogma: these two don’t mix. Indeed they can be great company if they are well coordinated. The magic is in finding common base. Choose geometric figures and flower patterns that are on the same color base – black flowers on white background pillows on black and white striped sofa look really chic. Check for yourself.

  4. Difference in the center. When it comes to decorating a table most people instinctively reach for vases and candles. Step out of the crowd and use something different – a bowl of mounded moss with crystals or a small marble sphere, collection of your favorite books or glasses with artificial stones. All these will not only make you look creative, but also they will bring scent of magic or enigma in the atmosphere. It is extra bonus for your house cleaners that these centerpieces don’t leave marks and they don’t have leaves that need to the cleaned.

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