Blueberries – a little treasure

Benefits of BlueberriesDo you love blueberries? Do you know that purple tongue and even teeth after delicious adventures with blueberries are actually a result of the substances in blueberries called polyphenols. Exactly these substances have anti-diabetic properties and are very useful for the heart. They improve the blood circulation and also protect against atherosclerosis. Learn more:

  • Blueberries possess antibacterial and anti anemia action. They contain the optimal ratio of vitamins, tannins, magnesium, iron and copper.

  • The content of only one cup of blueberries (about 150 grams) provides 14.4 mg of vitamin C, which helps the formation of collagen and helps to maintain healthy gums and capillaries. Vitamin C also promotes the absorption of iron and strengthens the immune system. In the same dose, there will be about 29 mcg of vitamin K – important for liver function and for the absorption of calcium in our body. Moreover, even with only a handful of blueberries we can provide daily fiber. Tell these facts to your home cleaners, they will be thankful.

  • Nowadays our eyesight is facing real challenges. However the blueberry is a real godsend for tired and overworked eyes. The anthocyanins contained in blueberries, also contribute to accelerated synthesis of visual pigment rhodopsin, and increase the sensitivity of the retina. As a consequence, our eyes more easily withstand long load and our vision in the dark is improved. By the way, in case of stains on your carpet, you’d better rely on professional carpet treatment.

  • The leaves of blueberries also have healing properties. Taking them as a tincture lowers blood sugar in type 2 diabetes. The leaves have also tannins, vitamin C, flavonoids and are used as anti-inflammatory and diuretic means.

There is nothing more pleasant than hanging around in the mountain and picking some tasty blueberries.

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