Benefits of having a plant in the office

Benefits of having a plant in the officeYour office is the place where you spend most of your time on weekdays, so creating a cosy atmosphere is essential. Having great co-workers you get along well with is an added bonus, but even if you don’t, that should not discourage you from making your office space comfortable and trying to keep the stress levels to the minimum. Many people underestimate the importance of having a plant at the office, but various surveys suggest that the flower pot on the desk brings many benefits. Check them out below:

  • The most important benefit of having a plant at the office is related to your productivity. Numerous researches have been carried out and all of them conclude that plants actually have an impact on workers’ productivity. They help them stay focused on the tasks and complete them faster, not to mention that employees are less prone to making mistakes. All these advantages can be attributed to the fact that green plants reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the office.

  • Even if your manager is a nice, sympathetic person, at one stage your absence due to sickness will no longer be tolerated. Why don’t you try to avoid those embarrassing manager- employee conversations caused by your frequent absence by placing a plant on your desk? According to the latest studies, plants not only help you enhance your productivity and concentration span, but also reduce the minor illnesses occurrence by almost 30%.

  • If you work in the customer service field and your office is visited by a lot of people on a daily basis, rest assured that the presence of green plants at the office will be appreciated by the clients and they will consider your office a nice place to be. In addition, plants also improve the office environment for the employees themselves.

  • You probably have plants at home and you are well aware of their contribution to making house cleaning less tiresome. Plants attract the dust particles and therefore the surfaces are less dusty. Plus, they absorb harmful toxins cleaning products contain, reduce the bacteria and prevent mould from emerging. In other words, plants considerably improve the quality of the indoor air. If you place one near your desk, the humidity will also be kept in the reasonable level.

  • It is a well-known fact that carpets reduce noise, but installing one in an office visited by hundreds of customers every day is not a good idea unless you are keen on hiring carpet cleaners every week. That’s why you can opt for an alternative solution. Plants have the ability to reduce ambient noise, which allows you to avoid distraction and concentrate on your tasks.

  • The next advantage has not been scientifically proven, it is more based on results of surveys that second guess how plants can improve one’s creativity. Yet, if you give a thought to it, it actually makes sense. According to these studies, plants at the office increase workers’ creativity as they invoke the ancient instincts that there is some food (fruits and berries) nearby. As a result, workers become happier, more relaxed and more creative.

  • The air conditioner in the office makes your skin dry, but if you keep a plant near your desk, it will enhance the quality of the indoor air and the dry skin issues will be solved.

  • After you have read about all these benefits, you must be enthusiastic about carrying a flower pot to the office tomorrow. However, which is the most suitable plant for an office environment? You should pick a plant that is not too demanding. It should also be resistant to the “artificial” environmental conditions it will be put in at the office. Your plant should be able to make it through without water during the holidays when the office is empty. The temperature should also have little impact on its existence. You are advised to opt for ivy, rubber plants, aloe, cactus, spider plants or peace lily.

Having a plant at the office is the least expensive method for making the office environment both cosy and healthier. You might not be able to immediately notice the difference in your productivity and creativity but you should expect a change in the long term. The office environment will no longer be so tedious and you will not get home dog-tired. You might even encourage your co-workers bring a plant and make your office even better looking. Activities you perform together help you establish better relations with your co-workers, too. You never know, you might be surprised to find out that you have a lot of common interests with the guy that has been sitting on the desk next to you for three months but up to now, you never managed to find time to have a conversation with him.

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