Autumn decoration for your balcony

Great ideas for autumn decorations  for your balconyBring autumn magic everywhere at home – in the rooms, in the garden or even at the front door. That way you will make your home more comfortable and colourful. Don’t miss your balcony as well. Check out our easy-to-do ideas for autumn decoration of that part of your house:

  • Include autumn flowers – chrysanthemums are one of the symbols of autumn. That is why they will be an excellent addition to balcony interior. Place the flowers in baskets, metal buckets or orange pots. You could wrap the pot with string or yarn.
  • Colours – the easiest way to feel the atmosphere of a season is to ‘immerse’ in its typical colours. When it comes to autumn, those colours are orange, yellow, ocher, brown, burgundy and dark green. Consider them when you choose interior textiles for your balcony. For example, select pillows for chairs with autumn motifs. Upholstery cleaning wouldn’t be а time-consuming task for you – pillowcases could be disinfected in the washing machine;
  • Decorate with lanterns – the light coming of the lanterns, creates a feeling of warmth, moreover, it perfectly fits the autumn theme. Try different variations. For example, make a hole in the shape of a leaf in the middle of a paper bag (packaging bag or tote bag paper). Inside the bag place the glass jar with a tea candle into it;
  • You can make a lantern from a pumpkin. Take several small fruits and remove their flesh, so you will be able to put a tea candle inside. Place the pumpkin in a jar, and then on the balcony. If the balcony is glazed, then you must put a small mat or a circular rug to make the space snug. In this respect, you shouldn’t forget about the regular carpet sanitising;
  • We continue with the ‘pumpkin ideas’. Even if you don’t like Halloween so much, that does not mean you cannot use pumpkins in the autumn décor. Place some of them in one corner of the balcony. The other option is to decorate them without carving but with stones, inscriptions, appliques. Now is your chance to get creative!

Well, the easiest way to decorate your house in all seasons is placing a vase with bunch of flowers. Add to the bouquet some autumn accents, such as fruits, colourful leaves and twigs and the final result will be just incredible!

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