Cooking oil – the most unpleasant spots on your stylish carpet

Cooking oil cleaningProbably, it happens to everyone – you purchase a new Persian, wonderfully coloured or 100% natural carpet as an eco-friendly philosophy follower and right on the next day you spoil it! Well, there is nothing to worry about – especially if you have made a cooking oil stain. Here is the recipe for getting rid of it.

Deal with the most unpleasant spots on your stylish carpet using the following guides: Continue reading

Making a personal cleaning calendar

Making a personal cleaning calendarTry to remember how your mom used to tell you that every housekeeping task must be done in time. Then, remind yourself anytime you could not finish even half of the thorough spring refreshment, because you get exhausted too early or because the entire schedule seemed not realisable! The problem you have is common, so there is nothing to worry about. You are just suffering from the popular syndrome of disorganised personality. That is why household chores are never done on schedule or they are not done at all.The cure is constancy and a good checklist. We offer you making a personal cleaning calendar – right now together with us and our special tips: Continue reading

Glass Repairs – bring the broken pieces together

Glass repairsIn a perfect world everything that’s broken can be fixed. A broken heart, broken dreams, a broken glass. Unfortunately the world we live in is not perfect at all.

You cannot fix your broken heart just by picking up the pieces; you cannot bring back a broken dream just by starting all over again. Continue reading

How to remove candle wax

How to remove candle waxCandle lights are the most perfect and fascinating way to make some romantic mood. If you add a fine wine and some really nice music, the effect will be extremely nice and unforgettable for you and your better half. Candlesticks, on the other hand, are retro, but still attractive and preferable décor for a stunning dining room or posh and original living room design.

Both suggestions – candle as an alternative for romantic lighting and candlesticks for home decoration – though, hide a risk! Yes – the sticky candle wax! It can drop on several things and it can quickly ruin them.

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Family board games – the perfect Christmas present

Family board gamesAt Christmastime shops are filled with different ultra-modern toys. Dolls, cars, robots compete for children’s attention. And family board games somehow are being forgotten.

Why exactly these games are the perfect gift for your kids?

The price (which in most cases is very important) is not too high. In addition, they are ideal for the winter season. Cold weather requires more spent hours at home, which can be extremely amusing, enjoying a family board game. Here are our suggestions for such games Continue reading

Yes or No to smoking at home

Yes or No to smoking at homeSince 2007, smoking on public closed places (including working buildings, offices and other types of professional environment) has been banned. The law is something we cannot argue with and the restrictions are made to be obeyed. Otherwise, the punishments will speak of themselves – whether it is good or not good to smoke! However, smoking isn’t banned yet.

People still have the right to smoke in their private places, houses and flats. It is curious to add an interesting fact here – a large number of states in the USA consider banning smoking in home places (terraces and balconies), too! Is it right or not? Now, when you are still allowed smoking at home, you have the right to discuss the subject! Continue reading

Some interesting facts you didn’t know about your cleaner

Facts about your domestic cleanerYou should have used already a professional domestic cleaner to help you with the mess in the house. They come, do a great job and they are gone as soon as they receive their payment. But as for all invisible backstage workers there are some things that spark your interest and make you think about them. Here you will find amazing truths and shocking news about your maids.

Sad statistics

  • About 68% of the maids take a look at your private belongings, clothes and photos while left alone to clean. A shockingly high number but it is important to mention that this percentage is valid only for non-English speaking domestic cleaners. Continue reading

Clever tips for effective cleaning

Clever tips for effective cleaning You know how important the regular home cleaning is. If you want nice and cozy house, you should give the best from you in sanitising. And you should run it at least once a week.

 Prepare all sorts of detergents and start! In case you have forgotten to buy certain cleaning agents or you can’t handle some stubborn stains (rust, burnt, mould), do not despair!

Maybe the decision of your problem is right in front of you – look around your kitchen. Well, we will help with some clever tips for comprehensive disinfecting: Continue reading

Cleaning the office – first step for successful business

Office cleaning tipsFinding the key to the successful business is something you all want, but don’t know where to get this secret or tactic from. Listening to the pieces of advice coming straight from the world’s biggest wigs may inspire you, but it won’t move your business ahead and it definitely won’t kick the competition off.

The truth is that, sometimes, small things are the power forces for big things in life. And it is obvious that successful business starts from small things, too. Every business has its beginning, right? And usually every successful business starts as a small business, too. Here is an idea for you – office cleaning as the first step for successful business. See why experts claim this studiously: Continue reading

How to make your housing rental more comfortable

How to make your housing rental more comfortableWhen you come back home, don’t you leave all of the negative thoughts and emotions behind the door? If yes, this is the right behavior. Because home should be the place where you can “hide” yourself from the outside world. The place, where you can relax completely and “recharge the batteries” every day. So after this you will be able to handle the next “portion” of stress tomorrow. Let’s not kid ourselves – stress is everywhere (especially at work) and you can’t escape from this. Exception is your home. You usually share it with special people – your family, friends or your soulmate. So your place should be comfortable for you and the people you live with. Continue reading