7 signs that you are a grown-up

Realizing that you are adultThere are certain moments in life when you actually understand that you are not a child anymore, not even a teen. Some of us realize it harder and for some it’s just natural step in life. How exactly person understands that he or she is way too old to keep stuffed toys and cars if they don’t have great material or sentimental value? Here are a couple of traces that show you have been transferred to the “adult” level: Continue reading

Autumn decoration for your balcony

Great ideas for autumn decorations  for your balconyBring autumn magic everywhere at home – in the rooms, in the garden or even at the front door. That way you will make your home more comfortable and colourful. Don’t miss your balcony as well. Check out our easy-to-do ideas for autumn decoration of that part of your house:

  • Include autumn flowers – chrysanthemums are one of the symbols of autumn. That is why they will be an excellent addition to balcony interior. Place the flowers in baskets, metal buckets or orange pots. You could wrap the pot with string or yarn. Continue reading

Check out this colour obsession – flamingo pink for your bedroom!

Flamingo pink for your bedroomIt’s bold, it’s bright and it’s girly – flamingo pink. This exotic bird’s colouration has always been a statement of extraordinary taste. You simply can’t hide with this shade on your clothing or in your home design. But hiding is not the point anyway, right?! Check how you can use it in the bedroom without throwing the style out and without getting head ache from the intensity. Continue reading

Break these decorating rules and transform the defect in stunning effect

Decorating rulesRules need to be left behind sometimes. If our ancestors haven’t broken them long ago we would have still lived in caves. When it comes to fashion and decorating rules breaking them is mandatory if you want to create bold and stunning rooms. Here are a couple of rules you can break with clear conscience. Expect amazing outcome, because you will transform the defect in magnificent effect:

  1. Paint on the ceiling. The boldest thing you can make – start the rebellion from the top. Pictures are not reserved only for castles and churches. Monochronic or colorful it’s your choice – even if you want you can put extra decoration like stars or gypsum elements. It will bring all eyes on you. Continue reading

How men evaluate their maids’ job

Gender differencesWe are all people… but we are different and probably the most frequent difference comes from our genders. According to this, there are differences even in our perception of world, others’ actions, etc. We even see our housekeepers’ work differently. Here, we will pay attention of the factors, which are important for men when they evaluate their maid’s work. Continue reading

Is there a formula for an always clean office space?

Is there a formula for an always clean office spaceHorrible deadlines, impossible to be done tasks, pressure due to your manager’s requirements for a better work and all that tiredness are factors that make you forget about the office hygiene. In fact, not every working space is dirty, grimy and full of dust due to its owner’s neglected attitude to cleanliness. On the contrary – we all want to work in a neat, fresh and nice place – but not all of us can afford this luxury social state. Though, there is a way for you, fellows, too! All you need to do is find out the formula for an always clean office space. Before reading it, let us warn you – it is not one single action that will guarantee you an eternal office convenience, but a complex of simple tasks you can easily perform daily or weekly: Continue reading

Add some romantic elements in your bedroom

Romantic elements in the bedroomOnce you get in someone’s bedroom you can tell that you know them intimately. How to decorate it and what elements to add to make it more romantic and appealing? There are some details that can make you feel more secure and peaceful in your bedroom than anywhere else.

  • Candles – old but gold touch that automatically turns people on romantic mode. Separate or in groups candles incorporate the fire element and by the rules of feng shui this warms up the room in the good sense.

Continue reading

Simple DIY summer cleaning

Summer sanitisingWith the advent of summer, new housekeeping tasks become imperative. As with any other new season, summer comes with the necessity of seasonal cleaning at home, as well! Summer cleaning is as essential and beneficial for pleasant living environment as any other seasonal cleaning – Spring Cleaning or Winter cleaning. Calling the professional cleaning agents back at home and put up with giving more money in waste is as a matter of fact unnecessary. Continue reading

How to sanitise the humidifier?

Sanitise the humidifierHaving a humidifier at home is a total blessing. It is very suitable for dry seasons. Besides, it keeps your living space in a good healthy condition by removing the bacteria and all kinds of allergen from the air. Though, you cannot get these amazing benefits from your home humidifier if you do not show it some respect. The constant and proper maintenance is essential, so find out how to sanitise the humidifier with our simple tutorial: Continue reading

Restore the glass home items with rice!

Restore the glass items with riceGlass items at home are a lot. With them a lot of cleaning issues also appear. At least you must have been in a big dilemma how to polish a super expensive vase without breaking it. Other housekeepers have still no idea how to sanitise bottles. They may rinse them in the sink, but reaching the bottoms becomes a total brain teaser! We have one simple solution for all of you and for all of your narrow and delicate glassware at home – rice! Yes, you have read it correctly – rice is the natural cleanser for all your glass items. It removes bacteria and it is amazing in scrubbing old spots. Besides – it is commonly available at home and it is cheap! Continue reading