How to keep your outdoor pool clean

How to keep your outdoor pool clean After the long winter season, your pool needs some maintenance before you can use it. It is probably full of algae and dirty debris. All pools are different and the causes of pollution vary, but the secret to sparkling clean pool is the regular care. Even if you rely on professional pool cleaning service, it won’t hurt to know how to maintain your pool on your own. Here are some of the essential pool maintenance tips you should know about. Continue reading

What you should know about handmade gifts

What you should know about handmade giftsWhen you were a child, you used to make cards for mom, dad, grandparents to celebrate their birthdays and name days, New Year, Christmas, etc. Today, as an adult, handmade gifts have reached a new level of quality. Yes, these are now real watercolor artwork that you can make by yourself or buy it on the Internet. But how relevant such unique gifts are? Continue reading

Classical music as remedy

Classical music as remedyListening to classical music is often prescribed as an adjunct to women wishing to become pregnant. Pediatricians do recommend a daily 30-minute “reception” of lyrical sonatas and symphonies, in order to soothe crying babies too. What turns the notes of Chopin and Bach in from aesthetic delight in a remedy? Continue reading

Sleep apnea – what’s that?

Sleep apnea - what's that?Sleep apnea is a disease, or more accurate a chronic sleeping disorder. It refers to stopping/ pauses in your breathing while you sleep, which may occur from several times during the night, up to 30 times an hour. What happens is that while you sleep, you suddenly stop breathing, and when you breathe again in, usually with a strong, loud snort. Continue reading

Spring allergies – learn more details!

Facts about spring allergiesYou will recognize the allergy sufferer easily. Handkerchief is almost always in his hand, ready to come to the rescue. The eyes are red and with tears, and once started sneezing, he does it several times. No matter what profession, what sex is, at what age and where he lives, this is the man suffering from spring allergies. The causes of this seasonal nuisance are microscopic. The knowledge of them, as well as early detection of the exact variety, can help you to deal with allergies, if you are among the affected. Continue reading

Are antibacterial sponges healthier than regular?

Are antibacterial sponges healthier than regularWhen it comes to cleaning, we all know that we need to use the best cleaning detergents. The best cleaning detergents, however are different for everyone. Some if us prefer to use strong cleaning products that can easily disinfect all the surfaces and things in the house. For them, these are the best products. Others, prefer to use eco-friendly products, so they avoid the eventual harmful effects of the strong chemicals, that they could cause to the nature and the health. We think that everyone needs to be cautious about the ingredients of the cleaning liquids because they might have harmful effects. On the other hand, the eco-friendly products not always can cope with the grime, grease and the accumulated through the years dirt. Together with the cleaning, we really need to think about the disinfection of the surfaces and appliances. Here are some facts, that back up the statement that the antibacterial sponges and wipes are healthier than the regular ones: Continue reading

The stained glass – play with colours and decorate your home!

Decorate your home with stained glassOne of the modern ways of decoration is stained glass. It is widely applied in churches, temples, cathedrals and other notable monumental buildings. Today it is increasingly applied in interior design at home. The stained glass, as a craft and an art, requires artistic skills to create precise design; and technical thought, in order, in assembling the ornament base, the window could endure its weight and that of decorating items. Stained glass can be called art forever, because it is skillfully kept over the centuries. Learn more: Continue reading

3 extremely dangerous driving habits

Most dangerous driving habitsDriving is a very responsible task. When you’re behind the wheel, you are responsible not only for your own life, but also for the life of the other passengers in your car. Being a part of the traffic, you have to comply with the rights of other drivers too. There is no doubt that we know excellently these things. Despite that, we often break the rules. Check out these 3 dangerous habits and avoid them by all means: Continue reading