How to Choose the Perfect Baby Crib?

How to Choose the Perfect Baby Crib?Nowadays, the market is oversaturated with stuff for kids from expensive toys that run on batteries (the noise they produce can drive every parent crazy!) to playgrounds and fashionable clothes. If you are going to be a parent, you probably read tonnes of information on a daily basis and there is always something new you learn. There are some must-do things to take care of before the baby arrives and one of them is choosing the perfect crib. It is more complicated than you even suppose. You have to take into account the specifications of your home as well as the safety it ensures. Of course, the price is not to be underestimated, so you have to find the best quality-price ratio and provide your little one with a comfortable and functional crib. Here are the main factors you should take into consideration before you make your final decision. Continue reading

Spring clean your living room now!

Spring clean your living room now!The living room is the place where you and your family spend most time together – you play games, watch TV, read magazines or simply hang out there. The problem is that as everyone spends their free time in this room, usually it is the messiest place in your house – your kid`s toys, your magazines, your significant other`s laptop and so on. Now that Spring is here it’s time for a big cleanup – transform the cluttered space into a cosy and organised environment that will make spending time there even more pleasing. Read on and check our advice on spring cleaning your living room. Continue reading

Everything you should know about mops and floor maintenance

Everything you should know about mops and floor maintenanceAccording to a popular belief, floor maintenance is an easy task that can be performed by everyone. To a certain extent, that’s true. After all you can just pour some lukewarm water in a bucket, dissolve some cleaning detergent and mop the floor. However, the floor cleaning routine can be less troublesome if you pay the necessary attention to the floor cleaning tools you use. Every homeowner has at least one or two mops randomly grabbed from the supermarket shelf but below, you will find whether the mop you use is appropriate for your type of flooring: Continue reading

Violet colour in the interior

Violet colour in the interiorAbove all, we should mention that violet color is associated with spirituality. It helps our mental equilibrium. It is also believed that all shades of violet have a very strong effect and may affect the subconscious. Violet is also perceived as the color of mysticism, art and magic – it is extravagant and very inspiring. Violet tones quickly excite fantasy and release consciousness. Here are further details: Continue reading

How to host a moving party

How to host a moving partyIf you have moved before, then you know how stressful it is. You have to find a new house, then there is packing, which may turn into a real challenge for your organisation skills. Finally, the move itself comes. Well, stress should not be your only association with a removal! Make it fun and easy – throw a party! Here is what you need to do: Continue reading

How to inspire your boyfriend for household chores

How to inspire your boyfriend for household choresPassion for cleanliness and order is traditionally attributed to women. Men are raised with the idea that they are designed to solve a global problem such as how mankind can get to Mars. They do not even notice that the house desperately need cleaning. There is a variety of techniques, thanks to which man can be attracted to domestic work. It is important to choose the most appropriate one: Continue reading

The jewels that make you classy

The jewels that make you classyThe right piece of jewel can change your look from “nothing special” to “fairytale princess”. In our mind these kind of jewels are always imaginary, indeed they are quite ordinary and can be found for less than a million. To look expensive and to be expensive are two different things, so just check the next couple of rules and see how easy is to pick the perfect jewel. Continue reading

The plant Croton – the motley aristocrat at your home

The plant Croton - the motley aristocrat at your homeThey say it’s fickle and it doesn’t grow in any location. No wonder – though such colorful artistry as Croton wants some cares. In nature, it grows as a shrub and comes from Southeast Asia and effectively combines its colors depending on whether it has enough heat, light and moisture. The best thing about it are the leaves ranging from yellow to green, red and brown. Here are more details: Continue reading