4 things you can forget when doing an end of tenancy cleaning

4 important places during end of tenancy cleaningCleaning at the end of your lease is always very exhausting and always one of the numerous things you have to do when you are about to move into a new house or flat. This is why, you will probably forget to clean something. You are always thinking about the major problem zones and hidden places and you tend to miss something simple that is right in front of your eyes. Below you can find 4 things people tend to forget about:

  1. Switches, sockets, door handles – we use them every day, a hundred times a day. Continue reading

Practical use of shampoo in the household

Shampoo in householdHere are a few practical idea of how to put the shampoo in use, apart from the obvious one.

If you have bought a shampoo which does not suit your hair type, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t throw it right away:

Refreshing leather handbags and shoes
All you need is a little shampoo and a clean cloth. Apply a few drops of the shampoo on the problematic areas in a circular motion to clear the dirt from them and you will see the true shade of your accessories again. Furthermore, the shampoo will not allow some unpleasant stains to appear on your shoes. Continue reading

Regular or one off cleaning service?

Regular or one off cleaning?My house turned into a real mess without me even noticing it! Yes, I’m not a cleaning freak, but I’m not such a messy person, too. How did that happen? Oh, no matter how hard I think about it, my house won’t clean by itself. I need help. Professional help. My friends.

Ok, my friends refused to help me, but gave me some good advices. The best one was “Get a maid!” But… Do I really need a maid? Yeah, I know, between work and… work there is no time left for me to clean, but… Maid?! Continue reading

Freshen up the bedroom for the spring

Bedroom spring refreshmentWith the spring coming up, we want to change not only our looks, but what surrounds us as well. Why don’t we start with our home? Here are some interesting ideas for renovation of the interior.

Let’s start with the bedroom. It is where one opens their eyes every morning. And everything their eyes should see, should be beautiful and bringing joy. To achieve this this, you can:

  • Paint the walls in a new colour (or change the wallpaper that you are probably already bored of). Let you fantasy work – three of the walls can be the same colour, and the fourth – another. Continue reading