Let’s clean the leather items at home

Leather cleaning tipsHaving leather items at home makes it look really elegant, sophisticated and impressive. In a way, leather was always a symbol of luxury and wealth. Any style of interior design becomes truly posh and attractive, if you add some set of leather furniture or incredible upholstery made of leather.

Whether it is real or artificial, leather becomes a significant part of living environment. Continue reading

How to “transform” your old jeans

Old jeans transformationJeans usually last long and when they are still in good condition, they suddenly break up. Most of the fabric, however, is useful. Do you have to throw away the jeans?

Definitely not. If you already have some pairs of old and seemingly useless jeans, don’t worry! You can give them a second chance for life. Here are some ideas on how to “transform” them Continue reading

6 fun fall activity ideas

Now, when the summer is gone and autumn has arrived, you will have to change some ordinary things in your everyday life.

6 Fall activity ideas

 First and foremost, the weather isn’t so favorable, so lying on the beach, walking for hours in the park and having picnics with the kids aren’t the best options for spending leisure time.

 On the contrary – absolutely new and different ways of relaxing and having great free time are appropriate for autumn. Check out 6 fun fall activity ideas. Continue entertaining in fall, too – just do it in other way: Continue reading

Top 5 Ice Skating rinks in London

Top 5 London Ice Skating rinks  Winter time is close and you must have been considering what exciting and amazing experience to plan this season. Truth is that even though the sunny hot weather is gone, the snowy fairy tale outside is also truly inspiring and charming for some positive emotions and wonderful experiences. And speaking of winter and snow, you should not miss this ice skating season, either!

  London is full of options for some funny evenings on the ice skates! However, we have checked out the best one ice skating rinks, and we would like to offer you the Top 5 of the Continue reading

Durable garden furniture for rainy regions

Durable garden furniture for rainy regionsIn rainy regions such as the entire UK area buying garden furniture is a huge task to manage. If you don’t want to end up in a situation to replace the patio furnishings each season, you should better consider some more expensive, but reliable purchases. There are materials and textiles, though, which can easily survive all types of climates.

They are, of course, recommended for areas with high level of humidity. However, durability and the desire for longevity aren’t the first things that come to your mind when you are thrilled for some garden renovation and walk around the store with a big dose of excitement. Continue reading

Cute tunes to sing along with the cleaning

Cute tunes to sing along with the cleaningHaven’t you realised that during your daily cleaning routine you feel a lot better and more efficient when you hum a popular tune?

Do you know that there has been made a survey for the most popular songs that cleaners usually sing?

Well – here it is the cleaning playlist that will satisfy the taste of each member of the family. So fire up your iPod and invite everyone on the stage to sing along while cleaning the carpet. You will easily find a song to match your daily routine of sanitising habits and start your solo or group singing career together with the family members. Continue reading

Autumn makeover ideas for your home

Autumn home makeoverWith the nearby end of summer, some considerations over fall updates at home aren’t useless and redundant. In every home there are all-year-round additions, improvements and little redecorations. Without them you will easily lose the magic of the desired pleasant, warm and sophisticated domestic environment. If you agree, check out the following autumn makeover ideas for your home:

  • Start with some good deep and thorough one off cleaning! Seasonal sanitising is mandatory, when you want to make some changes for the upcoming new season.

  • Typical fall colours are linked to various warm hues – golden, chocolate, coffee, balmy orange, rusty red and cheerful yellow. Make some lovely combinations of them and repaint the walls at home! Continue reading

Last chance to drink a beer in the Great British Beer Festival

Great British Beer FestivalSummer brings hotness. Hotness brings beer to the table. And London brings all the people across UK again – to survive the hotness with the magic elixir of beer! Yes, of course, Great British Beer Festival is back to London with new reserves for a five-day beer experiences – one open air festival with lots of exciting activities and an intriguing program to join!

Don’t miss the opportunity and grab your last chance to drink a beer with your friends and all beer friends in the Great British Beer Festival in London. Don’t get surprised, if you see some too serious faces during the event! Because the Great British Beer Festival is not a fun for everybody. Some experts and true admirers of beer are here not to have fun, but to have some degustation and make sure everything with the beer industry is still fine! Check out some details about the exciting event, but don’t lose time, because time is ticking and the last few days of the open fairs are coming: Continue reading

Hide and seek in end of tenancy cleaning – chapter 2

Hide and seek in end of tenancy cleaning In the previous article with the same title we have mentioned that end of tenancy cleaning seems like a game, where tenants and landlords play cat-and-mouse action. While the tenants want their tenancy deposits back, the landlords want their properties to be put in presentable condition. The hardest part, naturally, comes to the tenants, who need to bring some really strong efforts in sanitising the house and disinfecting its dirty areas.

However, it is not easy for the landlords, either. Because, after all, if the end of tenancy cleaning is not performed properly, they will have to clean and refresh by their own. Otherwise, the new guests and tenants will definitely skip the house as their new home place. The hide and seek game, which is performed by the landlords and tenants during the end of tenancy cleaning is about dirtiness and stains. You do know now that you should hide dust, remains and food leftover from the interior design of your future ex home place! Now, find out what you have to seek in end of tenancy cleaning: Continue reading

Hide and seek in end of tenancy cleaning – chapter 1

 Hide and seek in end of tenancy cleaning If you are a tenant, you already know that one day end of tenancy cleaning is going to get you! During this period all you will think about will be the cleaning chores, which are expected from you. Awful exhausting and tiring nights in scrubbing, washing and disinfecting will change your life for a few days. What is the worst in the end of tenancy cleaning is the property inspection. Your landlord has been nervous since the very first day you entered your lodging! Though, this time you really need to satisfy him!

  The return of your tenancy deposit depends on this! If you want to reduce the stress of the horrified combination between a removal and an end of tenancy cleaning, accept the challenge and take it as a game! After all, end of tenancy cleaning really looks like a game – like a hide and seek game between you and your landlord! See a funny way how to do it: Continue reading