Why having a pet means having a cleaning lady?

Having a pet at homeHousehold job is a hard job. It becomes even tougher if your home environment is inhabited by a pet, too. The stains become numerous, the damages of the super expensive upholstery – catastrophic – and the cleaning job seems endless and like a hell. In case you have a big dog or a sweet, but too wasteful of hairs cat you are completely aware of all these issues. Why having a pet means having a cleaning lady? Continue reading

Watch out for your health and spring clean your home – part 2

Spring clean your home - part 2The topic for spring cleaning is very actual now, because soon you must undertake that sanitising challenge. In order to be well-prepared, check out our second part of clever tips! Smart housekeepers are diligent and studious not only because they want flawless domestic environment, but because they do care for the health of their families.

Now read the continuation of our checklist and stay healthy and happy:

Watch out for your health and spring clean your home – part 1

spring clean your homeHave you ever thought how cleaning affects your health? All those leftovers of insects, dust and chemicals can cause a reaction on the moment or in time. Probably cleaning looks easy or even safe, but a closer look shows that your health is actually endangered by a number of factors.

Surveys show that the solution to the dust and microbes problem can be even more hazardous, as households normally use aggressive and toxic cleaning compounds. Continue reading

Top 7 “No, I will not clean it” cases at home

Top 7 “No, I will not clean it” cases at homeIt is almost impossible for you to be in love with all the housekeeping chores.

Whether you skip it secretly or you force your spouse to do it, there might be a domestic task you really hate! Mostly, it is even more than one!

See the Top 7 “No, I will not clean it” cases at home and find out if some of them is your Top not-to-do household maintenance duty or you are a total perfectionist, when it comes to home neatness, cleanliness and cosiness:

SpongesWashing the dishes – especially if you are not a proud dishwashing machine owner. There is a big chance for you to get a dishwasher as a birthday present soon, because your partner will not stand watching the dirty items in the sink any longer. Continue reading

Men VS cleaning

Men VS cleaningHave you ever thought what part of the domestic responsibilities you can entrust to your husband? In which household chores he can give his best? How well he can manage with the situation? At the end…would the result cover your expectations?

What is the stimulus that can let a man sanitising? Practice shows that men turn to disinfecting as a gesture to their better half. Check out these cases, related in tidying, performed by men. Do you recognise your beloved one? Continue reading

Are the shiny faucets possible?

Cleaning faucetsFaucets attract the attention in each room. Leaving them spotty and fatty isn’t the best idea, if you care for your stylish and always perfectly fresh interior.

In case you have difficulties in removing the fingerprints of the faucets or you are wondering whether there is a universal polishing technique for them, we are here to help you.

See our simple and budget-friendly steps to gain the desired brilliance of the faucets at home. It is actually quite possible: Continue reading

How to deal with the dust at home – super solutions

Deal with the dust at home You all must admit that the most unpleasant and exhausting chore in housekeeping is dusting! No matter how much you try to stop the dust, it is always around you! Dealing with the dust at home is definitely a harsh task, but you should never give up from this fight. Is there any need for reminding you that dust is a top allergen and the biggest factor for lung and respiratory issues?

And furthermore – is the difficulty a reason to quit the fight? Of course, not! If you are eager to have a neat, bacteria-free and cosy living environment, you will do whatever it takes to remove the dust!

See how to do it more easily and faster by learning some super solutions for dust control Continue reading

Spring cleaning – effective tips for busy mоms

Effective spring cleaningBeing a mоm is harsh. Before facing it, you cannot even imagine how many efforts are needed to be perfect in everything – in parenting, in housekeeping and in the office.

Some mоms prefer to quit job for a while and surround her kid with the necessary attention and treatment, but others do not have this lucky chances and their obligations become even more. Continue reading

How to be more productive in 2014

Be more productive in 2014The end of one and the beginning of another year is always a time for reckoning. Everyone realises – there are still things in work, which should be improved, although trying hard enough and working with desire.

Here are a few easy ways to increase your motivation and productivity:

  • Spend some time “no emails”. Frequent checking of the personal e-mail can be quite distracting. Continue reading

Lovely, holy Christmas!

Merry ChristmasIt is 25th of December! Finally, the preparation has ended and the big day has come. The gifts are set and Santa must have already filled your children’s stockings. The meal course for this holy day is arranged and you may dress festively and put on your sweet holiday-spirited slippers and meet this wonderful morning! It is Christmas! It is one of the most sacred and saintly day! Continue reading