Check out these popular Christmas candy options!

Sweet treats for ChristmasCan you imagine Christmas holidays without those classic, attractive Christmas candy recipes? Of course, not. Our festive mood is always stimulated by seductive sweet treat and we are so used to this, that we can’t think of a wonderful Christmas holiday without these delicious delicacies. Actually, we have picked for you some of the most preferred Christmas candy alternatives. Check them out and share which are your favourite ones:   Continue reading

The art of the candle making

How to make candles at homeIs there something better than giving warmth and light as gift? No, this is not stupid romantic movie. It’s an interesting and a bit unusual idea for the coming celebrations. Candles are something that you can find almost everywhere, but special homemade sticks are rare and really can melt the receiver’s heart. Choose an aroma and color that best fits your idea and don’t be afraid to experiment. Here are a couple of directions how to practice your new craft at home. Continue reading

How to be fair and devoted single parent?

Devoted single parentBeing a parent is a hard task. Being single parent is something between challenge, adventure and disaster. To be good at it, you need excellent management skills, a lot of patience and just natural talent for parenting. If you don’t have these, don’t worry, no one was born with all needed knowledge. You can get a couple of advices and become what you are not yet. Continue reading

Ideas for speedup conservatory windows cleaning

Ideas for speedup conservatory windows cleaningHaving a conservatory – winter garden, we mean – at home, is a total blessing for us! Such a great home premise turns your domestic life into a wonderful fairy tale! And you live inside it all the time. Simply amazing! Of course, this is a huge investment, if you want to make such an improvement! And it is a total harsh issue, if you have it, and you need to keep it clean, fresh and intact. Since we love home conservatories so much, we would like to give you some ideas for speedup conservatory window cleaning: Continue reading

Monochrome rooms – what’s that?

Monochrome roomsMonochrome style is one of hardest to achieve. Creating such a room demands good preparation. You must have planned everything to last detail, even before you have started any work on transforming your place. Check out the following information and make your choice depending on your preferences: Continue reading

Make your oven look like brand new again!

Oven cleaningOven cleaning is a task of supreme difficulty in the hierarchy of the home cleaning duties. Usually we don’t take care of it when we cook and this ends up like a bunch of “beautiful” stains around our oven that are closely to impossible to be cleaned. There are a couple of things you can do to turn this essential appliance to its initial appearance and indeed:

Heavy weapons. Sometimes the usual measures are helpless so you need to take out the heavy ones, in this case professional degreasers or the more ecological way – water, baking soda and vinegar.  In both cases, use of rubber gloves is mandatory for your own safety. First option is faster in degreasing, but takes more time to be removed and possible stains on clothes and carpets are not easy for cleaning. The water with baking soda should be left one night to work and after the cleaning, you spray vinegar that makes chemical reaction with the soda and after wiping the procedure is finished. Continue reading

10 tips on decorating a rental

Decorating a rentalThe biggest task a tenant has, when he moves to his brand new, but rented, house is to make it look like a real home. Bringing some personality, charm and convenience to a tenement, though, isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to put all of your imagination and to conduct it to your landlord’s requirements. Also, you could be tight by your budget (since the rental prices aren’t that low yet) and budget-friendly ideas for adorning a house are always welcomed. We have gathered the most budget-friendly conceptions for making a rental look like a real home! See our 10 tips on decorating a rental. Get inspired by them and use them as a base: Continue reading

Questionable rental fees to avoid

Rental fees to avoidHave you ever thought of joining the war against the impudent and cheeky landlords, who ruin tenants’ lives daily? Don’t you think that there are lots of things you should not do, but you keep doing because of the fear of eviction? To tell you the truth, these fears are pointless since most of the landlords’ claims are actually illegal. See some questionable rental fees to avoid – because you are just not obeyed to pay them! Continue reading

Your microwave gives a hand with the housework

Microwave in the kitchenMicrowaves are one of the wonders of our world. Those devices help us serve dinner for less than 10 minutes, defrost, warm and boil any hard or liquid food product put inside. But besides these “basic” functions, microwaves can have much extensive and supporting role in the household. The only thing you must do is let your imagination fly and you will find out a lot of ways you microwave can help. Here below, we’ve gathered some practical applications of your friend in the kitchen – your microwave. Check them out and make your life of housekeeper easier: Continue reading

7 sins of first-time renters

7 sins of first time rentersA removal is expecting you and you are about to visit few houses given for renting or an apartment search is ahead of you? Well, this is a huge complex process, so make sure everything will go smoothly and finely. If you are a total freshman in finding a decent place for renting, see some things you should not do, while seeking for your newest living space. These are the top 7 sins of a first-time renter. Check them out and do not do these mistakes for anything in life: Continue reading