8 clever ways to use Post-it Notes

8 clever ways to use Post-it NotesThe Post-it notes are so much more than just a cool way to remember things. Most of the Post-it notes are in bright colours such as yellow and pink so as to grab our attention. Of course, you already know how to use them as reminders, but there are so much more things you can do with these incredible papers with glue on top. You can try some of these creative ideas. Continue reading

For all those spots we forget in end of tenancy cleaning

For All Those Spots We Forget in End of Tenancy CleaningWhen the removal comes, people get in such a panic that they even forget to execute some of their agenda tasks. Thankfully, only few will pass the packing and the transportation duties, but in the deep and the thorough end of tenancy cleaning, there are many significant spots a tenant can forget and risk his or her tenancy deposit. So here are some of the basic and most common things and places we forget in the top-to-bottom move out cleaning program. Continue reading

What does your sofa say about you?

What does your sofa say about youThe way you design your place can tell us a lot of things about you and the type of person you are. The colors you use when painting the walls, what type of carpet you like, the style – if you like modern furniture or you are more keen on the retro style. These are all things that can tell someone what type of person you are. There are things from your character that can be found out just with a look on your sofa. Here is what we know about it. Continue reading

Attract love on Valentine’s Day thanks to Feng Shui

Feng Shui for love Valentine’s Day is knocking on our door and it is good to be prepared to meet it with your better half. You can find so many advices as you browse the web, but we want to help by offering you some feng shui tips to facilitate love for Valentine’s Day. Check them out: Continue reading

Check out these popular New Year’s resolutions!

What are the most popular New Year's resolutions2014 year is already behind our back and it’s time to look ahead towards our goals for the New Year. There is no doubt that you have already set your resolutions and you intend to be serious and to follow your goals. We suggest you to read the rows below and to see if some of your targets coincide with these popular and widespread resolutions: Continue reading